Empaths Guide To Surviving the Holiday Season

It is always around this time of year where things seem to feel accelerated, almost as if you feel your already busy life has now somehow hit the race track. As an empath this can be an overwhelming time for us all. There are more people on the roads, you can pick up on the anxiety of the holiday season from families coming together, choosing gifts, decorating, world energy, or for some an increase in stress due to financial difficulties. It is during this time that empaths feel the most depression and anxiety. Can you feel the energy just from these words alone? It’s too much energy!
However, there is a way as a sensitive soul to actually enjoy your holiday season and protect your energy. I am going to be sharing my go to holiday empath protection guide to surviving this holiday season.

1)Breathe…once you take time to breathe time moves slower and you remember to be in the present moment. A daily meditation practice will help support and allow you to feel empowered and more in control. Once you breathe you realize that there really is not that much to be stressed about. Then your mind pop’s in and says, “Wait a minute but I still have a ton of things to prepare for?” Well, that leads us to number two on our survival guide.
2)Make a list… empaths love visuals and when you create a list of visuals or colorful words you soon feel much better. Create a column or bubble or event hearts if you wish, of what you need to accomplish and another column of your wants. Your wants might be attending several parties or gatherings. Although most empaths prefer to stay at home so pick a smaller gathering if you do go out. Whereas your needs might be looking for just that right gift for a family member. Regardless taking the time to make a list of what needs to get done versus what you wish to get done are two separate things. Circle or use your favorite color for the items that are the most meaningful to you. Is it of service to others? Are you giving or showing love to a friend or family member that has been a gift in your life? Remember this holiday season is a time to share the love energy.
3)Service… being of service and offering your time to others is the greatest gift of kindness we can show one another. Donate to charities, smile to those you walk by, sending prayers and loving energy to those who are homeless. Whatever speaks to your heart follow its guidance. Empaths are very good in showing this throughout the year however within the holiday season we have even more opportunities that can show up.
4)Food… let’s face it this is the time of year where sugar is at its finest. We are bombarded with savory and delicious meals at every turn. Empaths in order for you to support your energy you truly have to watch what you fuel your body. Be prepared create and find new healthier versions of a sweet treat. Pack healthy snacks and add fun essential oils to your waters to help support you during this time. Eat seasonal foods such as pomegranates, oranges, nuts and warm foods that sooth the spirit. There are so many healthier options now, just use google and you will find amazing recipes. My favorite is dandelion root coffee with hazelnut. What can be more soothing, delicious and best of all healthy liver cleansing drink than that?
5)Essential Oils… as empaths we are always extending out our intuitive senses through our five senses, sixth if you wish to count our intuition or feeling sense. Diffusing oils are not only therapeutic but it can also shift our moods and bring our vibration up. There are so many wonderful options such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger and the list can keep on going. I personally love to create a gingerbread blend mixing cinnamon, ginger and clove together. My children walk into the home asking where the cookies are every time. Can you see simple scents can offer a feeling of comfort and love? So this holiday season do not forget the essential oils, just make sure that they are therapeutic grade quality. If you need support I am happy to help you.
6)Music… the right kind of music and its vibration helps support our moods during this time. By choosing soft gentle melodies, or if you celebrate Christmas those songs are pretty much uplifting and gentle as well. There are some amazing angelic voices that come out during this time of year. For example there is a boys choir group called Libera with angelic voices. One you tube video in listening to them and you should be getting goosebumps, I know I do!
7)Self Love…Empaths are very good at offering kindness throughout the entire year. Do not forget to be gentle with yourself, get a present for yourself this year. It is very important to never forget you! Self love is the single most important thing you can offer yourself this holiday season. It shows that when you take care of yourself that you are better able and are in fact stronger to help support our world energy, and we need you.
8)Gratitude… we are all here on this earth to learn, grow and expand. So whether we are around a challenging family member, or there is turmoil going on somewhere in our country or across the world simply remind yourself of all that we have to be grateful for. Go into nature and sync up to the rhythm of Mother Nature. Send prayers, angels and guides to help support challenging causes and trust that everything is working out exactly as it should be. We are all on this transition team of shifting our planet into peace. The pendulum is swaying towards the light even though it may not feel like it. By holding the energy of gratitude, grace, hope, peace and love you are supporting Mother Earth and holding our planets vibration of love.
9)Angels…simply remember you are never alone and that your angels and guides are ready to help support you, just ask and they will give you a sign. If you feel any anxiety or are overwhelmed remember to clear your chakras and ask the angels to cut your etheric chords, ask to keep your energy protected as you go through out your day. You have an incredible team to help support you. I suggest clearing your energy every morning and night, and even throughout your day. If you must go shopping do it online or find local mom and pop shops to purchase from, they will feel a lot less stressful and you will be supporting members of your community.

So these are a few simple and easy survival tips for this holiday season. I am sure as empaths that you can certainly add more and I hope this post reminds you of them or inspires you to create new ones. My hope and wish for all of you is to feel empowered during this holiday season. For once you have the tools to help you through this season then you will truly begin to enjoy this beautiful energy of love. Sending all of you angel hugs and many blessings this holiday season.

Love Always,
Tamara Heims

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True Feminine Design

Through my years of working with Intuitive Mothers I am always amazed at how many women there are to meet in our world. There are women who are strong, powerful and creative when it comes to using their intuition. I truly feel blessed in getting to connect and support these women on their spiritual journey. It is only now that I am beginning to realize how many are simply taking off like butterflies and building upon their lives while using their intuitive abilities. The reason why I am sharing this with you is because it is when we focus on supporting one another through love, respect, and non judgment that we as people begin to believe within ourselves that we can accomplish our dreams.

When we focus on uplifting one another we find that we all win. There is this beautiful dance of fairness in energy that is exchanged when you see another person thrive and become successful. Success can mean abundance in many areas of ones life such as happiness, joy, new found love, great health, financial gain whatever it may be. When we step over the threshold of the ego and truly step into the loving energy that is found within all of us we release competition, jealousy, and even selfishness. We begin to truly connect to our true feminine design.

Our true feminine design or nature is to support one another, uplift one another all while remembering to uplift ourselves along the journey. This support feels like walking into a beautiful flower garden where you are completely surrounded by fragrant flowers of all shapes sizes and colors, each with their own unique design and frequency. A true garden of Eden is not one single lonely flower, no it has many flowers coming together in creating one large fragrant colorful garden for all to share and enjoy. The garden of Eden is really about illuminating our own light from within, believing in ourselves just as much as you would support, encourage and believe in a dear friend.

So I write this for all the Intuitive Mothers, remember we as women should authentically support one another and allow for our true feminine design to shine through. May this New Year bring you many blessings in stepping forward to your dreams coming true.

Love Always…Tamara

Raising Your Vibration

Amazing how time can fly by when you are focused upon the things that really matter most in your life. When you are truly focused on what you are meant to do within your life it really brings you a lot of joy and harmony. In this case I have really had to focus on my own children as well as teaching. I am always grateful to be in the presence of children and I learn daily from them, what could be truly better than little people hugs and smiles all day long. On that note I have been slowly nudged back into blogging again by the angels as they have been asking for me to write once again.
What better topic to discuss getting back into writing once again than the importance of raising your own vibration in your life. How do you do that? It takes daily practice and effort but I promise once you start your own routine it gets easier and easier. By playing soft uplifting music within your home and car can easily increase your vibration along with whomever is in the car with you, especially your children. They might protest a little in the beginning but they will get used to it and start to crave it.
Your sense of smell also has a contributing factor when it comes to raising your own vibration. Think for a moment about certain smells that you adore such as freshly baked chocolate chip cookies Hmmm I bet you can smell it right now! Now stop…and see how it makes you feel. Are you smiling? Do you feel like a child again? Are you feeling a little relaxed even? Smells have a wonderful way of not only associating certain memories but it can also relax and calm the body or invigorate it. While we would all love to eat and enjoy those chocolate chip cookies what truly has the highest form of smell comes from mother nature, her flowers and herbs. Using a diffuser within your home while using essential oils can shift a rooms energy real fast. For example diffuse Lavender to calm the house down especially around bedtime or Frankincense and Wild Orange during homework or if you are working on a project for concentration and release of anxiety. Truly there are so many options now with essential oils that it can be fun to explore.
Another daily exercise to help raise your vibration is meditation. I know we all hear that word everywhere we go nowadays and thank goodness because it is finally catching on and people are understanding the health benefits for not only calming your mind but it opens you to your heart and intuitive abilities. Doing a daily 20 minute meditation will transform your life, simply set a time where you have no distractions and just do it! If you are really busy I would recommend doing it right before you go to bed as it will help calm you down, relax your body, and set the tone for peaceful dreams.
Above all else think POSITIVE! That one you really have to practice but it can be done. Focus on positive things that are surrounding your life at this very moment. Be grateful for all the little and big blessings in your life. If you are going through a hard time at this moment there are wonderful free you tube videos that you can watch that will uplift you with positive affirmations. There are also books, and daily motivational calendars now that can help uplift your centering thought for the day. If a negative thought or judgment enters your mind breathe and release it as if it were a cloud of smoke that you walked into and can glide away from.
There are so many ways to raise your vibration on a daily basis and when you think of terms of what feels peaceful and calming and healthy for your body then go for it! Think of your six senses when you focus on raising your vibration listening ( peaceful music), sight ( look at peaceful images), taste (eating healthy vibrant foods), touch ( wearing soft fabrics and colors, lotions, even healing energy can help) , smell ( essential oils), and feeling/intuition (meditation). I truly hope this message supports your journey in raising your vibration. It is great to be writing again! Love always…Tamara

Using Intuition for Thriving Interview

Hello Intuitive Mothers!  Incase you missed yesterdays interview here is the link below.   It was an honor to be interviewed by Janice Carlin and I truly hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did. Love always…Tamara

Here is what Janice had to say…

“Tamara was fantastic on the show tonight! She’s such a bright light of support and encouragement for anyone going through a spiritual awakening and stepping into developing and using their intuition. We talked about sensitive, intuitive children, plus, the vitally important piece of using discernment with intuition. Check it out and listen whenever you want:”