New Experiences: Does Anybody Else See or Feel That?

     One of the main reasons I started to blog was the fact on how curious I was how many other people around me are feeling these new experiences.  These new experiences I am speaking of is intuition, or sixth sense.  Our earth at this time is shifting into a global consciousness, which means we are all experiencing “psychic” phenomena.  Some may realize it more than others.  Since I just awakened myself to my own intuition I needed time to adjust.  I would drop my children off at school and think can people tell I’ve changed and I’m intuitive now?  Silly I know but for a while I swore I had this look on my face as if I had seen a ghost, probably because I did!

     Or I wondered if these women beside me dropping off their children were trying to figure out what was happening to them too but were too afraid to share their “secret”.  I know I was and still am.  Thoughts such as what if they think I’m crazy or weird?  What if it makes people around me feel uncomfortable or it offends everything they had learned at their church.  What if I lose friends?  Become an outcast?  I went through a lot of what ifs!

     But then I stopped myself and realized what I was doing.  I was living in fear!  That fear was stopping me from “coming out”.  Now I can truly understand and have compassion for what it must be like to be a person living with a “secret”.  It can be pretty intimidating revealing your secret.  For example a gay person who is afraid to “come out” to others.  Or a person who made a bad choice in their past and hides in fear of others finding them out.  These are all ways in which fear controls you.  Now I am not suggesting going around with a huge smile and say, “Hey! Did you know we’re all intuitive!”  What I am suggesting is that by choosing not to have fear control you, you can blossom into who you are meant to be in this lifetime.  Think of what opportunities you may gain if you reveal your secret.

     It has been nearly three years for me to get to this realization.  It does take work and practice to believe in your new self.  Afterall this will be new to many of us.  Once you realize what you have been going through is a spiritual awakening then things may make sense of your past.  I used to see shadows near doorways that would frighten me as a child.  Or I would look at something with a completely different perspective than the other children around me would.  I loved quiet spots and speaking with adults, you would often find me in a library since the energy of all the children would be much for me to handle.  Now all those experiences come back to me and I understand my self better.  During that time I thought I was just different and going through “normal” confidence issues, but really I was intuitive.

     You see these new experiences are blessings to help us understand who we really are and why we behaved the way we did in the past.  The true blessing is to see where these new experiences take us in the future.  In the meantime lets focus on the present and open ourselves gently to one another.  Who knows what new blessings this may lead us to.  May your secret unfold into a beautiful new experience. 

Until next time…love always.

Welcome to Intuitive Mother’s Blog!

Welcome!  This is my very first blog and I am just learning so bare with me.  I wanted to create a blog for mothers like me who are either stay at home moms or working moms who need an outlet.  This outlet is meant for mothers who are intuitive and/or have intuitive children.  If you are like me and feel somewhat secluded or shy in sharing your abilities may this be a safe haven for you to come share and learn together.  I am a busy mother of 4 young children and I am excited to meet other mothers who are having intuitive experiences. 

Plus if you have any advice on how blogging works I would be appreciative since this is all new to me.  Thank you!