How Children Enrich Our Spiritual Path

      Two years ago when I awoke to my intuition and feeling overwhelmed with my new senses I really became scared as to how I was going to balance my two lives.  Really on one hand I had my four children to raise and then I had this new life filled with spiritual beings and enlightened souls.  That’s not easy to do on top of all the pressures we have in our everyday life.  The thought crossed my mind that living as a monk sounded very nice at that time because they would have the time to focus on their intuition.  Then someone said to me that living a peaceful life on a mountain and only having to focus on you is easy.  Living a life raising children, being a mother and wife is where you really take on spiritual growth.  Now that is not to say if you do not have children that you are not growing spiritually I think what this man really meant was that we could all live a quiet peaceful life on a mountain top but what would we really learn, where’s the experience?  Being a mother provides you with an opportunity to learn another perspective and love.  By adding that additional love into your life it makes you face yourself even more.  How do you handle it when your baby cries and you are tired?  Do you hurt when your child is hurting?  When your children are fighting does it drive you crazy?  These are everyday challenges that your children give you to enrich your spiritual path.  These challenges are actually blessings for us to look within ourselves.

     When we look within ourselves we don’t always react the way we want to especially with our own children.  Long ago I had this belief that if a child misbehaved it was the parents doing, well that is not always the case.  One of the biggest lessons I learned was that our children come to us already with their own personality and their own choices.  We are simply their caretakers to help nurture them to become mindful people.  The children in return simply teach us about ourselves on a deeper level.  We are constantly being challenged and being pleasantly surprised; I know personally I never felt strong as a person until I had my children and that started with the birthing process.   Children are teachers too whether they are your own, a niece or nephew or a child you just saw at the grocery store.  Just looking at a child makes you reflect on your own inner child, doesn’t it?  You think back to when you were that age and what were the things you enjoyed, it should bring joy and love back into your heart.  I have had some run ins with a few people who would give my child a dirty look due to my child being too loud or too silly at times, as a mother we have all had an experiences when someone around you did not like your child or parenting style.  But then I reflect on that person and think how sad that they have forgotten that they too were once a child and could they have lost the connection to their own inner child?  Don’t get me wrong it does make me feel uncomfortable at times especially when we try hard everyday and then your sweet child turns into a monster once you go outside.  But maybe, just maybe your child had to react that way in order to help someone else look at themselves?  Personally my children do things almost everyday that make me reflect on myself as a person and my parenting style; it is always a work in progress it is all in how you look at it.

     Just recently my oldest daughter shared with me a memory in which she remembered being with God and was in a space where babies go to wait to choose their parents.  She said she pointed to my husband and me so that no one could take her place.  Then she described going into a tunnel and straight into my tummy.  My daughter chose ME!  That to me is an honor that I do not take likely.  It also made me reflect on how to nurture my daughter’s ability.  With some parents I am sure if their child told them this they would think that it’s her imagination or she heard it in a movie.  Well being connected to my own intuition I was able to help and support my daughter by asking questions or simply listening to her past experience.  Just from that simple moment she had taught me to nurture her abilities and to support my other children with understanding.  These memories are lessons for us all to learn that we do come from somewhere else outside of what we see in this material world.

     Children can enrich everyone’s spiritual path just as much as adults can.  Often times children have even a more direct approach and yet still have a playful way of sharing their intuition.  Since children recently came from where we all originated from it makes sense that they would remember more and have a refreshing outlook on life.  We as adults sometimes loose that connection and children are a wonderful resource to remind us of our own inner child.  So let us all take a step back and view our world with childlike vision, open ourselves up with curiosity and most importantly play and have fun in life.  If anything at all when children play they are learning the most, after all research does support this finding, with that said let’s remember to play and learn as we continue on our spiritual path reminding ourselves that we have the best teachers of all, our children.

                                                                                                     Love Always…Tamara


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