Dreams and Visions: Visions Are There For You to Send a Prayer

         Usually around the holidays we tend to feel more stressed and we are all busy rushing around.  For me personally the more stressed I become the more dreams and visions I tend to receive or maybe it is vice versa.  It is from my dreams and visions that I tend to feel stressed.  Regardless I am always learning to stop…breath…and let go.  That isn’t always easy but I try.

Dreams and visions that we receive are there for us to help us and to help others.  Some can be beautiful, some confusing and some down right scary but realize they are all there for a reason.  Your dreams are a great resource once you know how to interpret them.  It does take time to learn interpretations but I can tell you this the more you practice the better you become.  For myself I always know that the angels give me guidance when I am confused or stuck on what one of my dreams mean.

For example a few days ago I had a very restless night tossing and turning.  I dreamt of a white coiled up snake with pink polka dots hiding in my left shoe and once I had placed my foot in the shoe its fangs punctured my foot.  Startled I left the room and went outside onto a beach and sat watching the waves when all of a sudden the waves came in so high and fast I ran back as quickly as I could.  Feeling a lot of anxiety I awoke feeling horrible and wondering what the heck all that meant.  The following morning I looked online to find out what the snake meant and the colors, I always examine my dreams and I always ask several people what they think.  Finally, as I was washing the dishes and feeling calm in my mind I received the answer.  It was simple the snake was giving me a wake up call (the bite) that I am being carefully protected by the divine or (white) light and the pink polka dots were simply expressing love.  As for the beach and the water rising well that morning I sadly saw the news that the Philippines had been hit badly by flood waters and many perished.   Your dreams can have visions too!

That very morning as I called my mother to share with her my dream she had one to share as well.  She dreamt of a damn breaking and many people dying from flood waters.  That is a full vision!  She felt it was in China but it could have very well have been the Philippines.  Either way she wrote down her vision dated it and keeps it in a journal.  We should all be keeping a journal of our dreams and visions it can become a great resource.  Especially looking back in your journal and you realize how much you’ve learned about yourself.   From personal experience I had to learn over time that your visions are there for you to send a prayer.  Unfortunately, we can not always change the visions we receive but we can send our love to the areas that have been hit with devastation.  Sending angels to help can be just as powerful as you being there and helping physically.

With that said pay close attention to your dreams and visions that you receive even if you believe you are not receiving any, you are.  Chances are you might be astral traveling at night helping around the world and your dreams and visions are your memory of that experience.  I have a very close friend of mine who does wake up on the other side of the world helping people.  It can be very startling and confusing but she has now since gotten used to it and seems to have adjusted very well.  I am thankful to her because even though we are all busy living our lives we are also living a spiritual life too.  We are all constantly growing even in our sleep.  Like my friend and so many others it is because of that nightly work that our world is heading into peace.  So if you wake up tired or have had visions and dreams realize that you are growing and helping so many of us right now.  Remember to stop…breath…and let go.

Love Always…Tamara

If you have had a recent dream and would like to share please leave a comment below.


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