Healing our Soul Wounds

          Have you ever noticed sometimes you are doing your normal routine and an old memory suddenly pops into your head?  Just recently I am noticing an increase of past memories coming to me that I haven’t even thought of in years.  Memories of past friends even childhood experiences are coming back to me.  This really started to puzzle me since I have always felt pretty confident in how I have lived my life.  With the mistakes I’ve made and my accomplishments I’ve always said that I have no regrets.  Suddenly these memories are coming back and now I question myself, maybe I have unfinished business with those memories?

Since we as a collective conscience society are changing and shifting into the new age we are bringing up past issues or experiences to make room for more loving encounters.  It is sort of like the saying “Out with the old and in with the New”.  Essentially what we are all experiencing right now are soul wounds being healed.  Have you noticed recently so many in our society today are having difficulties?  Or you have been hearing about all the hardships around the world?  We as human beings and the earth are healing our soul wounds and from that pain and discomfort comes healing.

So how do we know if our soul wounds are healing?  In some ways these past memories are a gentle nudge for us to think back to a certain memory and release them with forgiveness towards ourselves, another person or situation.  Memories that make us uncomfortable to face can be hard at times especially when you are forced to look at yourself, warts and all.  By facing your past and forgiving the situation comes with it healing and more room for love in your life.  In other ways our soul wounds are being healed through karmic balancing.  Regardless of what we have to endure from health issues, financial issues, divorce, to past memories and other hardships we are healing our soul wounds.  By drawing the past out of our bodies from past lives or within this life we are all healing and that is a blessing.

To give you a short example a recent memory of an old crush in high school kept coming up for me.  It was a very short relationship after all it was just high school but nonetheless his name and picture kept coming up in my mind.  It wasn’t until I spoke about it with my friend that I realized that deep down I wondered if he was ok.  You see during my senior year in high school I went out with him and his best friend and one of my friends on a Saturday night, it was a fun teen night out.  On that Monday back to school during lunch hour the boys went out to get lunch.  The boy I had a crush on came back to school filled with tears, he had just seen his best friend die in a car accident.  Just like that he was gone!  It wasn’t until that memory came back to me that I felt guilty for taking that young boys time on his last Saturday night on earth when I felt he should have been with his family.  I needed to forgive myself!  From that memory I had to release that painful guilt that I had self induced.  Can you see how small and quick we hold onto something that is created by our own thoughts?  Deep down I was also concerned for my high school crush because from that moment his friend past on he was just not the same.  Deep down I still was concerned for him, even after all these years.  Thanks to the internet I found out that he is married with children, I was very thankful to see that.  In the end just by talking about that past memory it allowed me to release the pain and guilt I felt.  That one simple memory helped me to heal.  From that one experience I was also taught about death.  I truly believe from that one boy’s death he taught the entire school many different lessons including the families.  With that said memories allow you to grow, learn and most importantly heal.

Even if a past memory pops in your mind and it is just a small one realize that your memories regardless of how big or small are all essential in our growth here on earth.  Especially during this significant time in our world it is very important to take the time to go back to our past soul wounds and begin to face them, not hide from them.  Hiding them will only stay hidden for so long until they begin to build up and grow into a larger problem such as a health issue or accident which both can be wake up calls.

With that said here are some ways to heal soul wounds.

  • Write down your memory and then let it go with tears
  • Speak with a trusted and understanding friend
  • Meditate and ask the angels to heal your soul wounds (yes it is as simple as that!)
  • Most of all forgive yourself, someone or the situation and let it go (to keep thinking about it only brings it back to you) having a sort of ritual where you release and let it go can be so important.  It gives you not only a visual but a chance to say good bye to a memory.  Your ritual can be burning a hand written letter, throwing it out to sea, or sending it into the sky.  Go with what feels the best to you (please be mindful of the environment and make it safe for the animals)
  • Most importantly set your intention to heal yourself!!!

The past can be a powerful tool to heal forward into the future.  Especially with a new year beginning NOW is the perfect time for forgiveness and facing ourselves so we can let more light into our lives leading into 2012.

Love Always…Tamara


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