Spiritual Awakening vs. Spiritual Shift

          This is an interesting time to be on earth today, there is a lot going on.  As our world shifts as it has always done we as humans are shifting along with it.  The cycle of life is a constant birth and rebirth over and over again.  We see it in nature and we see it with humans we are all one and the same.  We are all made up of energy in which we are all connected regardless of physical structure, we are family.  As we continue to shift and move forward into this new dimension we are shifting into light once again.  Like most cycles and pendulums we sway light to dark and dark to light, that is the yin and yang of our planet.  It is now that we are swaying back into the light as we go through this process we are shifting.  Many of us are being awakened to the truth about ourselves which is being spiritual awakened.  Along with that comes the affects of the spiritual shift, leaving the dark which is really the place of fear and swaying back into pure divine light.  Both the awakening process and feeling the shifts into light can feel very similar.  The true difference between the two is that once you are awakened you can never revert back to your old ways again, you essentially have changed.  The shift brings often a feeling of being tired, sick, headaches, nausea, dizziness, a feeling of going up (ascension).  The shift also come in waves like a storm at sea some are very strong and some waves come in with full force.  Either way the shift and your awakening are blessings and it means we are all heading into the right direction.  This is an important time to stay balanced since these waves can at times feel like our lives are in chaos, just breath stay grounded and with your new-found understanding realize this is a shift, a great ascension into pure light.  Doreen Virtue said it best she recently mentioned that we are at high noon and the shadows of darkness are being exposed now.  The darkness or fear is digging their nails into anything that will allow them to stay in our lives.  By having that knowledge we now are able to take back our power of love and light and finally drop the fear, just by doing that fear or darkness is no longer given power and is essentially gone from our earth once again.   By letting go of our past, forgiving people and situations we are giving up that fear and allowing light back into our lives.

The spiritual shift is easier to go through if we take the time to take care of ourselves first.  Our diet is a major factor in the shift at the moment.  Eating little to no meat, less sugar and more healthy raw foods such as vegetables and fruit are very helpful in keeping our body energy active with light.  Along with getting outside riding a bike, taking walks moving our body in some way outside is just as essential to staying balanced while we go through the shift.  Yes, it does take work and time but it is very important to make the effort in order to make it easier for you and your loved ones that you surround yourself with.  By simply being an example we can affect many people in our life without having to explain anything.  Headaches at the moment seem to be a common symptom the best medicine is earth medicine.  Go outside there are many elementals within our environment that are ready to assist in cleaning our aura and our burdens, they are truly earth angels.  Water is also essential and should be treated with love and gratitude as we drink it.  We are all made of water and when we drink water it can not only balance our energy waves but can also lend itself to curing cells.  By writing Love and Gratitude on our water filters  those words can penetrate and activate our water into healing water.  Just as we are made of water if we do not move our bodies then the water within us becomes stagnant.  By simply visualizing our water healing our bodies and cleaning up our daily toxins is just as essential as exercise and eating healthy.  If we have been hit harder with physical elements such dis-ease then we may be also experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is just as unique as each individual on earth.  Often times it can be jolted through a dramatic experience such going through a dis-ease, financial stress, loosing a loved one, an accident or even an act of violence.  These major changes in our lives makes us reflect on our selves and from that comes a blessing, we find our inner selves our intuition.  We have all been born with it some of us are lucky to keep it awake while many of us kept it asleep until we were jolted.  Our intuition is also essential as we sway back into the light; it will help us to become mindful humans and will allow us an opportunity in taking better care of our planet and each other.  Some of the common symptoms of spiritual awakening would be a change of diet often turning away from meat, hearing voices, heightened sensitivity especially around other people, hearing other people’s thoughts,  lucid dreaming, sense of knowing something is about to happen, visions of people, seeing spirits and elementals commonly seen using your third eye, seeing auras, increased energy such heat coming from your hands which is healing ability, seeing inside bodies using third eye, the list can go much further (please look on the menu above for further symptoms of spiritual awakening).

Whether you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or the spiritual shift know that you are not alone and that we have the support of the angels, especially Arch Angel Michael as he is ready and able to help everyone at anytime.  By simply remembering to ask for help and to accept it will allow us to make this shift into the light a much more graceful process.  Even knowing these shifts are taking place I too forget to take care of myself so I do understand it is not always easy but by slowing down and breathing rather than racing around it has taught me to enjoy life and ask myself what am I really racing too?


Love Always… Tamara


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