Fairies the Gateway to Mother Earth

          When we look at our world around us and we see the trees, the oceans, flowers, the dirt and the animals we can describe it as one word nature.  Nature is truly amazing since we were meant to enjoy it live and breathe from it.  Nature really is a gift for us to share and appreciate it.

Now imagine for a moment if you looked at nature more closely and that behind those trees and flowers and among those waves in the ocean there lived another dimension.  A dimension so close within our grasp that we can touch it and even seen it; this dimension that I speak of is the world of the elementals.  They are the world in which we have pulled from every childhood imagination.  The fairies, gnomes, leprechaun’s are just a small part of this amazing dimension.  Have you ever wondered why so many children stories have these unique creatures found within them?  Have you ever wondered why children can play so well outside?  Just for a moment try to imagine in your own mind if God created this earth could he have not created layers around the earth to help support it?  Why would he do that?  Maybe we are just in the beginning process in discovering that our earth will be a never-ending story.  By that I mean maybe God left pockets open in our own reality for us to explore a greater universe.  I believe God has left pockets open to explore not only our earth but our universe as well.  God has created a place in which we can explore different levels of not only our earth but other earths in order for us to have many experiences in many ways.  This concept seems to be a bit of a stretch for us to believe since we often rely on that which we see. However look at our video games, computers and technology.  We are already learning how to manipulate our reality.  These ideas are coming from somewhere.  Why is that?  Look at the movies that have recently grazed our theaters Avatar, Last Air bender, Thor, Inception, Matrix, even Tron.  These are all gateways into a true reality and by that I mean we are living in a very small layer of many many layers and we are just beginning to understand that now.  Now what do the fairies have to do with this?  Easy I believe that Fairies and the elementals will be the first layer exposed/ reveled to our earth sort of like an onion peeling its first layer off.  From that first layer the elementals will expose themselves to us.  What would be the purpose if there were truly elementals already here on this Earth?  Simple they are to help us to learn how to love and support the earth that we live on.  They are the gatekeepers on how to care for our mother earth.  Much like the star people are the gatekeepers in how to care for the stars and planets.   Once that doorway is opened and we are able to communicate with the elementals and are able to show we can live in harmony with the earth then we may begin to explore other earths.  Star people I believe are also going to be a part of this exposure of the unseen part of our world.  They are the ones who are able to communicate and understand planets more than we are able to comprehend at this point in time.

The elementals are just what you might expect some are very tiny no bigger than a fingernail while others can be as tall as 4 feet.  You may just start to get a glimpse of them at the corner of your eye or even in your third eye.  Sunset is a wonderful time to see them since that is when the vibration seems to shift and the doors to other dimensions open up more clearly.  When outside practice communicating with the elementals they are there to help you and even though they may not come out and greet you right away just know that they are there watching you.  They are cautious but if your intentions are from pure love they will know it and reciprocate that love.  Some of them look graceful and elegant while others are very peculiar and somewhat “different” looking but overall the elementals are the sweetest beings you will ever have the pleasure in knowing.  Getting to open yourself to this dimension does take time after all you must believe in order for them to even begin to show them selves.  As time goes on we will be able to actually see them as we see each other.  Begin to care for the earth and act mindfully as if she was your own mother.  Show them that you recycle and pick up trash and care for her.  That too will help show your true intentions of seeing them.  This is a truly exciting time to be on this earth and we are about to see things that we have only dreamed of seeing or have seen in fictitious movies.  Open your heart to the Elemental world because you are about to learn so many things from them within the next several years.

Love Always…Tamara


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