Not All Psychics Are Spiritual

          When I awoke two years ago to my own intuition it was a tough time considering I was limited on who I could share and talk to you about what I was experiencing.  Naturally I began to search for like minded people.  I was very lucky and had already befriended a kind psychic in Sedona, Arizona who helped me through my awakening.  As I became comfortable with the new me naturally I tried finding more people who were like me.  I went to metaphysical stores and even took a trip up to Sedona to find like-minded people.  From that one trip I learned a very important lesson, not all psychics/mediums are spiritual.

While in Sedona I went into a rock shop with a friend of mine thinking I would pick up a few crystals to practice healing with.  As I stood looking at the rocks a woman came up to me and we began to talk and share our experiences.  Being very naive I just assumed that this woman receives messages and has the same perspective.  Still learning to cope with my new sensitivities I confided in this women and she offered to help me.  Of course I accepted her kind offer and went to her office.  What happened next really startled me.  She began to give me a “test” on my abilities and tried to make me feel less confident and proceeded to question my intuition.  As I sat there in shock and thinking how is she helping me I realized she was trying to give me a reading and was trying to break my spirit, sort of bringing me down.  Again even while this was going on I had offered to help her and tried healing her stomach, I knew she was in pain on the inside.  Once I was done with the healing she requested payment for her services.  It was at that moment that I learned my lesson, just because we are all intuitive does not mean that we all have the same intentions.  This woman was not a mean person however her intentions were never to truly help me in the way I expected.  Based on the messages and the experiences I have had with my own intuition it never came to me in a manipulating way it was always from love, kindness and a pureness.  I began to ask myself is she not receiving these same messages.  It wasn’t until later that I learned about the different levels from which intuitives receive their information along with spiritual attachments.  The only way I can explain it is that if I were to sit on a beach with three people and ask them what they see.  I would most likely receive three different answers.  It is all about perspective, life experience and the person’s intention.

While my first experiences putting myself out there were not very comfortable I found it was necessary in teaching me to proceed with caution and how to find like-minded people who I can trust.  From your spiritual awakening this may be a part of how you will learn to find your soul family but realize it is necessary in order for you to learn the difference between what fits for you and what doesn’t.  This is in a sense a part of the process in finding your extended family.  From the two years since I’ve awakened I feel truly lucky to have a few very close like-minded friends that I have found along the way.  With each passing day I am making more and more connections that have been more meaningful and more rewarding than any friendships that I have had in the past.  In some ways it feels like a family reunion and it is a blessing.

With that said if you are in search of your soul family my advice would be go what feels comfortable to you.  Ask yourself does this person give you positive support?  Does he or she feel trust worthy?  Is there an instant connection, like you’ve met them before?  When speaking with each other do you exchange a balanced energy?  By balanced energy I do not mean a monetary exchange although that may be how you meet them but that you help one another with love and positive support.  Above all else they never judge you and accept each aspect of who you are, warts and all.

The funniest thing about the whole process for me was that I didn’t need to look very far because members of my family were already supporting me and the process of spiritually awakening and vice versa.  In a way we all awoke together.  Most often than not it is the everyday people who come in and out of your life that can be your soul family even though they may not even recognize or define it as such.  From one intuitive to another I hope this helps you in the process of your own spiritual awakening.


Love Always…Tamara


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