Intuition and our Gifts: What Makes Your Heart Soar?

          We have all been born with intuition some have kept it awake their whole life while others suppressed it and some much like me just viewed the world differently but didn’t know what to call it.  With that said now that we are all discovering we are intuitive you may also begin to realize you are talented in a specific area.  For example someone may be very gifted in seeing the spirits and are meant to be a medium and helping people with grief, healing past memories and spreading the word there is life after death.  While another person may be talented in finding lost things such as items or even people, they could easily work with law enforcement.  There are many ways in which your intuition can help our world and you may have more than one talent using your intuition.  We are all meant to use and extend our intuition with what we already know.

In my lifetime thus far I have always been around children and as a mother of four children and former kindergarten teacher I realized my life was about supporting the children on this earth.  From my awakening I realized that I can use my intuition as a boost in helping the children of tomorrow.  I am often guided to write which you may know as channel writing along with seeing many different levels of reality.  I am just now realizing why I am so open to many things in my life and I believe now it is to understand the children that are coming in to this world.  From seeing aura’s, spirits, elementals, predictions, angels, star people, among many other experiences I tend to have.  It is only now that I understand why I am the way I am.  It is my Ah ha moment!  It all makes sense now.  My true gift was not just my awakening it was that I have found my life purpose.

My hope in you reading this is that once you realize your own intuition and you look at your passions in life and finally connect them together you will find your life’s purpose.  You see we were meant to be happy along with feeling like we all have reason in being on this earth.  From just recognizing your own intuition it will open the door to not only your true self but also how much purpose you have on our planet and how much you can change it.  YOU can lead us into peace.  YOU can create what you love and have a passion for and turn it into your life purpose.  Once you realize your life purpose look out because there is nothing that can stop you because you know with all of your heart that is what you were meant to do on this earth.  So with that said look at what you have always connected with and think about your true passions in life.  Now connect those together with your intuition and the intent to make our world a more peaceful place and watch what happens!  Start today with this question… What Makes Your Heart Soar?


Love Always… Tamara


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