Perspective: Spirit Guides and Angels

          When you open up to your own intuition you may begin to hear voices within your mind.  Some may introduce themselves as your spirit guide while others may come in as ascended masters or angels.  I have been asking myself as of lately what is the difference in the answers they give us?  I would like to share with you what I discovered.  Most often our spirit guides are guides who have one time or another have had a life on our earth so they are better to assist us on what our needs are.  From my perspective and personal experience I can only share with you that they are of love and are able to teach you many things.  Having said that most often than not I have learned that their answers are there for you to learn from and feel supported.  While the spirit guides are there to help, if you look to the angelic realm you will find the same support and love but on a much deeper level, it is in some ways very different in feeling.  In order to know that the answers that I receive are of pure heart and love I will always ask the angels to be with me so that I know they can filter out what I need and do not need.  If you choose to speak with the spirits and your guides please know that they can still have character to them.  It is not like the ego, while some spirits do have opinions they will still carry with them a perspective left behind from their former life.  The best way I can explain to you the difference is that once they cross over into the other side of the veil the soul becomes the best version of which that person was, depending on how old their soul is and whether or not they have healed their soul wounds.  So I guess what I am trying to share with you is that while you can speak with spirits and spirit guides and receive information to me it has always made the most sense to speak or be in contact with the brightest lights on the other side.  I have noticed that in my answers that I do receive from the angelic realm it most often than not always comes with such lightness and a compassion for everyone.  Meaning the answers that I receive can benefit everyone, their perspective appears to fit within the global conscious of all rather than an individual basis.  While I still receive great and sound advice from the angels I know that within the answers there is a sense of global and universal support unlike any other I have known.  We can learn so much by simply quieting the mind and getting in touch within ourselves you will find out that you already know the answers too many things.  The angels and spirit guides are simply there to help, support, and protect us from things that we are not fully awake to or remember.  I would highly recommend building a relationship and getting to know our angelic realm because there is an endless amount of support and love for us all who have chosen to come down to this school of life.


Love Always…Tamara


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