Dreams of the Future

        With all the coming changes that are occurring and will happen on our earth I have noticed that many are receiving new jobs through dreams and visions.  For some it could be a life long dream that they have had but never thought they could actually do.  While others have had dreams while sleeping on how and what their future will look like.  Regardless of how these visions come in for a person there does seem to be one common denominator and that is the connection to mother earth.  Many are seeing themselves on land or ranches creating safe havens for humans and animals; while others are receiving ideas on how to invent “greener” technology.  If you are personally beginning to feel a strong pull to work outdoors or work for a company that puts earths best interest at heart I would listen for your soul is helping to guide you to our new earth.

Some people are being guided to buy certain homes and land in order to prepare and help what is to come in the future.  While others are receiving land in order to house their families that have been apart for too long.  The idea is that we as people are living disconnected from one another and the mother-nature and we are all slowly being brought back to community living.  You have only to look at Europe to understand a community like setting.  When I was growing up my family members lived in a three-story house in which each member of the family lived on a different level.  This allowed everyone to have their own personal space but yet if you needed help or someone to talk to you had but one flight of stairs to go up or down to receive support.  They also bought their food from the local towns people.  If you needed bread you would go to the bakery and get some, if you needed meat you would go to the butcher, basically you knew exactly where your food was coming from and how the animals you were going to eat were treated, or how the wheat and vegetables were grown.

As a stay at home mother of four children I can’t even begin to tell you how isolating it can be.  I do the cooking, cleaning, driving, washing the list could go on and on mostly myself while my husband works long hours.  But to live in an environment where I could freely allow my children to roam land and have my family close enough that I could have help would be a dream in itself.  There is something to be said for the old fashion ways of life.  Look to the Hopi Indians and see how they worked all together as a community, just even in one meal all of them had a role to play.  My point is that many are seeing or feeling the need to be a community once again.  So listen to your heart and soul and ask yourself what dreams are you having about the future?  What is it you really want in this life?  How can you become an active member of the community?  Because it has already begun people are already being guided to build, construct and live a different way.  So what is your heart telling you?

Love Always…Tamara

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

          Last week was a bit of a difficult week for me due to several reasons.  Life at home was stable and normal and my children were all happy and healthy.  However it was the energy and the environment from others that made it very difficult.  Being an empath I tend to make decisions from my heart and not with logic or my mind.  When someone shares something with me or asks a question I really believe or would like to believe they are being honest.  Even being an intuitive you would think I would have a better radar on people but I don’t.  Usually I can tell by looking into someone’s eyes if they are trust worthy and even sometimes I see so much around a person I will walk the other direction.  My experiences this week were with people through the internet or on the phone.  Writing words and hearing a voice sometimes does not give you a good idea on the person’s energy, at least for me it doesn’t work that way.  My point is, due to all the changes in energy within our world today especially with the economy it tends to bring out the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Just in one week I had had my fill of wolves and was wondering what is going on and as soon as I wondered that I looked into the clouds.  In the clouds I saw an Indian chief and an eagle as clear as day!  Coming behind them was a wolf with its teeth out and ready to take a bite out of the eagle.  As the clouds gently moved along I saw the wolf trying to bite the eagle.  The eagle went swiftly up into the sky as if it were just flying away not even noticing the wolf that was trying to eat him.  It was in that moment that I remembered that I needed to keep my energy up stay balanced and become aware of my surroundings.  Not everyone is “awake” to their intuition and becoming “wolf like” in order to make it through these times of change.  By simply being aware that people are not being honest in these times of change I felt compassion for them since they clearly do not understand what is going on.  Sending angels and prayers to their side is and was the only way I could move forward myself and let it go.

From my week of wolves I had to learn to love myself and learn to be a bit more protective.  By simply raising my energy and forgiveness it was simpler to just let it go.  With the coming changes it helps to anchor into love and the angels in order to ride the waves or better yet the packs of wolves that are coming out through different people and energy.  My purpose in sharing this was in hopes that you too may need to proceed in caution of others especially when finances are part of the equation.  A lot of the changes that are coming many will not understand or won’t be able to handle these changes.  That is ok!  They will have a choice in either listening to their heart or going home.  Either way they are heading in the right direction, which is love.  With that said I hope this gives you something to think about and know that even though there can be hard days in our lives the good always outweighs the bad.

Love Always…Tamara

In the Land of Dreams: Astral Traveling

          Dreams can be such an important part of who we are and can help you along your path in life.  There is another part of your dreams that is not too often shared and that is astral traveling.  Astral traveling is when your soul body leaves your physical body and you float to different locations.  I would like to share with you a few examples of what has happened to me to give you a better understanding of where these travels can take you.

One evening while sleeping away I remember being fully aware that I had left my body and I was traveling in space.  I was flying near the stars and planets and looking around with such great joy and freedom.  I approached an orange hued planet where people lived.  There was a very large metal type tower that protected the people that lived there and it was heavily guarded by these unique beasts.  I know intuitively that these beasts looked threatening but were just doing their job.  The feeling I got was that they were loving people but were very cautious on who they allowed in or out on this planet.  Does this planet actually exist?  I am not sure but I can tell you it felt very real and the pictures of where I was felt very real to me.

Another experience I had was one where I woke up in a different body but inside I still felt it was me.  I was a younger looking woman wearing an outfit I would never pick out for myself.  Suddenly I was inside this tiny house with two men and they were discussing drugs and weapons.  I remember going up to them and speaking to them and trying to share how this line of “work” hurts so many people.  The next thing I know it had turned violent and I woke up in my bed, never knowing the ending or the result of my encounter.  That morning as I awoke I felt extremely tired and felt that I had “worked” all night rather than slept.  I have had several dreams like this recently and have learned that our souls sometimes do leave our bodies at night to help our world and other people.  The most comforting part about these types of dreams is that I am supported by the angels and feel honored to be called upon in helping.  I realize I am not alone in this experience and I am almost certain that many people do night “work” and have never shared their experience with friends or have put two and two together.  Have you ever given any thought to your dreams?

Dreams are such a great insight into our never ending universe and you never know who you are going to meet or what you are going to see.  Start to pay attention to your dreams, keep a dream journal and you will see that we are doing more work and good than you even realize.

Love Always…Tamara