In the Land of Dreams: Astral Traveling

          Dreams can be such an important part of who we are and can help you along your path in life.  There is another part of your dreams that is not too often shared and that is astral traveling.  Astral traveling is when your soul body leaves your physical body and you float to different locations.  I would like to share with you a few examples of what has happened to me to give you a better understanding of where these travels can take you.

One evening while sleeping away I remember being fully aware that I had left my body and I was traveling in space.  I was flying near the stars and planets and looking around with such great joy and freedom.  I approached an orange hued planet where people lived.  There was a very large metal type tower that protected the people that lived there and it was heavily guarded by these unique beasts.  I know intuitively that these beasts looked threatening but were just doing their job.  The feeling I got was that they were loving people but were very cautious on who they allowed in or out on this planet.  Does this planet actually exist?  I am not sure but I can tell you it felt very real and the pictures of where I was felt very real to me.

Another experience I had was one where I woke up in a different body but inside I still felt it was me.  I was a younger looking woman wearing an outfit I would never pick out for myself.  Suddenly I was inside this tiny house with two men and they were discussing drugs and weapons.  I remember going up to them and speaking to them and trying to share how this line of “work” hurts so many people.  The next thing I know it had turned violent and I woke up in my bed, never knowing the ending or the result of my encounter.  That morning as I awoke I felt extremely tired and felt that I had “worked” all night rather than slept.  I have had several dreams like this recently and have learned that our souls sometimes do leave our bodies at night to help our world and other people.  The most comforting part about these types of dreams is that I am supported by the angels and feel honored to be called upon in helping.  I realize I am not alone in this experience and I am almost certain that many people do night “work” and have never shared their experience with friends or have put two and two together.  Have you ever given any thought to your dreams?

Dreams are such a great insight into our never ending universe and you never know who you are going to meet or what you are going to see.  Start to pay attention to your dreams, keep a dream journal and you will see that we are doing more work and good than you even realize.

Love Always…Tamara


3 thoughts on “In the Land of Dreams: Astral Traveling

  1. Frine Hernandez says:

    I love all the articles you have posted!!!

    I have had Paranormal experiences happen to me (not quite as strong as this one- but very strong ones)!!!

    I love your Blog!!!

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