Service: Feeding our Family with Love

          Recently I came across a cartoon which showed a mother hovering over her child and cleaning their face off with a sign above the child’s head saying “Help”.  Underneath there was another picture with a young boy mowing the grass with a saying that read, “Teach children to serve not be served”.  On the same day my husband came across an often told fable from Lisette’s Larkins book Talking to Extraterrestrials

 There is a story to tell in which you catch a glimpse of hell and see people starving despite the fact that everyone is sitting around a giant bowl of soup, since the spoons are too long to enable one to feed oneself.  Then you visit heaven and see the same group of people with the same spoons and same soup, yet all are well nourished, since they have figured out that by feeding each other, they all can become nourished.

Often time’s spirit will give me multiple signs such as these that give me an opportunity to think about and possibly write about topics.  These are two examples of how the topic of service came to me.  Both in their own way show us how we can simply change our perspective and become active members of our society.  As a mother I work very hard to instill in my children the importance of thinking and receiving answers from their inner self.  When they do ask for help I simply return with “what do you think?” which requires them to actually think about a solution that best suites them and how to help another person.  You might be surprised with what they come up with all on their own.

The idea of simply focusing on feeding one another and keeping the perspective that we are all family would enable us to create a more heaven like atmosphere.  If you really think about it we are all caught up on how much we get, how we get it, when will we get more, that it all comes down to the focus of me rather than we.  To go along with this topic my children came home with a fun run packet run miles to earn money for your school and donate to an overseas foundation.  While I always love the idea of supporting the community and raising funds for any cause what got me was how they “teach” the children of service.  For every dollar the children “sell” the lap they will run they receive prizes.  The day after we received the packets my children raced home to tell me which friend won which prize and the run isn’t for another two weeks!  For me is this method really teaching children how to serve and help the community? Or is it teaching them to sell and see how much they receive for themselves?  Somewhere in there the message of how to help and serve a cause was and is lost.  While the intentions of the fun run is to help I do have to wonder if that is the true intentions of the company and if parents  really are aware of what is taking place because I can see them just as easily being caught up in the idea of selling rather than helping.

So here is a challenge try for one week serve your family, community and neighbors in some way.  While you may not receive prizes and goodies that are advertised from a fun run you will in fact receive an even bigger prize, love.  I personally will try this challenge and see what exactly happens.  But wait how will you know what to do?  Easy follow your heart and let your intuition be your guide it could be anything from a small gesture to a sweet phone call.  Let’s start today with feeding our family with love.

Love Always…Tamara

I’m not that kind of Medium

          I was recently listening to Rebecca Rosen on Oprah Radio giving a reading to Rosie O’Donnell.  In case you are not familiar with Rebecca Rosen she is a very gifted medium and is a young mother of two children.  As she was giving the reading she mentioned things that no one else knew and point after point her readings became unstoppable and magical.  From the readings came healing for several people on the show and I have to say it was inspiring.  Then it made me think…”I don’t think I’m THAT kind of medium”!

Over the past two years I have had many incredible experiences through spirit.  I do see ghosts, I see spirits, elementals, I can speak with many different realities through many different vibrations so why is it that I feel like I am not that kind of medium.  Here’s why CONFIDENCE!  It is plain and simple.  Do you remember that moment in school where you sit down and the teacher announces, “Ok class today is a pop quiz!” What did you feel like?  For me I was just scared, my stomach dropped even if I felt I like I understood the subject very well I would just freeze.  Fear takes over what if I fail, doubt sets in what if I am not smart enough.  A whole cycle takes over my mind and in return I receive a less than desirable score on my test.

Now I feel like I am back in school afraid to even share my knowledge sometimes because most often than not you tell someone you are an intuitive guess what they are going to ask you…can you give me a reading? Or what do you see around me?  That’s if you don’t get the look of confusion along with them running the other way.  Instantly, I can’t breath I feel like it’s a test and that I am not good enough.  With that said I am not sure if every psychic medium is supposed to give readings because truly I believe there is much more that comes with that gift.  As I’ve described before in earlier blogs some do spiritual work during sleep and lead normal lives, while others use their intuition through their work and don’t recognize or even think that they use their intuition on a daily basis.  Then there are some just like me that are not ready or prefer to ask the angles to help people along the way rather than approach the living.  Regardless I guess my point is I do feel many people have the calling like Rebecca Rosen to do readings in order to help people heal and realize there is life after death.  While others prefer to work behind the scenes as it were.  Either way I am trying to find my calling along with using my intuition and in some ways I already have a pretty good idea where I am headed and in others I always feel like I could be helping more people.  My goal ever since I’ve awakened was to help as many people as I could and do it for free.  Having said that I realize I still have to be patient, practice and most importantly have confidence within myself first before I can help anyone else.  My intentions are set and now I have to let go and let God!

With something to think about.

Love Always…Tamara

Lemuria and Atlantis: The Birth of Spirituality and Feminine Energy

          Two years ago when I awakened to my own intuition I received some interesting information that I could only describe as unbelievable.  During that time and even today I channeled a lot of information so much so I had a notebook where ever I went incase the strong urge to write took over me.  Luckily I have been able to manage this urge much better.  One day God and Ascended Masters drew a map of our earth all the continents and oceans and even islands.  There were two distinct islands that they drew that blew my mind.  One island in the Atlantic Ocean named Atlantis and in the Pacific Ocean was another island they called Lemuria.  We have all grown up with the stories of Atlantis but never had I heard of the word Lemuria and little did I know that we had two very important islands that played a major role for humankind.  As they began drawing this map they told me a story a story that I would like to share with you today.

In the beginning of time there were two islands which both housed spiritually strong and wise humans.  They were powerful and very technologically advanced.  On one side the right was Atlantis known as the Male side of earth.  To the left was Lemuria known as the feminine side of the earth.  The female energy would go up from what is known as Canada to all the way down to South  America.  The male energy would go throughout Europe, Africa and into Asia, including Australia.  Have you ever taken notice how one half of the earth is emotional while the other appears to be strong and hard?  When you look at your earth as a whole and lay the map of your continents flat you will see that the islands match up on either side of the  Americas.  When you look even closer you will see that these two islands are in fact the ovaries of mother earth and when you draw a line connecting the ovaries and make a triangle you will find the birth of a new humanity, the birth of the female energy rising and spirituality rising within your world once again.  This energy it is at its peak in and around Peru.  In reminding you of why you came to this earth and as a female it will be your calling and soul path along with many other souls who have taken on female form to rise up and speak out and mostly teach on the subject of spirituality.  Your psychic ability is but a tool to reach your heart and true selves, it is never meant to be used in any other way but of love and service.  It is during this rise of the feminine energy where turmoil will begin, the males must adjust and the females too.  As women you are to usher in compassion and love to mother earth once again, it is after all a cycle and it is now your turn to bring peace and tranquility to all who choose to stay on earth during this process.


       As one might imagine during the time this story was shared with me my jaw just dropped and I was very confused; yet it somehow seemed to feel truthful almost like I was reminded of our long lost history.  Also, during this time I had a lot of dreams or astral travels sitting on top of these very high peaked mountains where I would sit on the edge and speak with a white eagle.  Intuitively I knew that this eagle was Arch Angel Michael taking on a different form.  It felt like we spoke for hours and I was even shown an Incan shaman who lived on the mountain top known as Machu Picchu, as for his story that might have to be shared another day.  It was truly an experience I will never forget.

There are many who are already fully aware and have actively been helping the grid lines of our earth become clear for the feminine energy to flow throughout our earth.  This story and many others from thousands of people across our planet have felt this energy become stronger and even leading those to perform ceremonies upon sacred sites.  To explain this even further a wonderful book to read is SERPENT OF LIGHT BEYOND 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.  I can’t even explain to you how much his book validated so much of what has been shared with me by spirit.  His adventure is truly one of many people helping to usher in the feminine energy and new age. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope by sharing this experience that it only broadens your perspective and allows you to open your heart even more.

Love Always…Tamara

Reconnecting our Spirit to Mother Earth


          I recently read a novel called MESSAGE FROM FOREVER A NOVEL OF ABORIGINAL WISDOM by MARLO MORGAN which was an incredible story of twins separated at birth where each goes on a different path in finding their true selves.  The book offers a great insight in reconnecting with your background of not only where we come from but also how to live with mother earth.    In the book the twins live a life within a society of the social norm but something within them discovers that something is missing.  One twin goes off in search of her heritage while another discovers himself in a jail cell.

This book was such a wonderful reminder that although we live in a society that is fast pace and trying to keep up with everyone else it shows how much when you begin to learn of  your own heritage and true past how much we have really disconnected to mother earth.  You have but to look at our shoes to show us that we are literally no longer touching mother earth and staying connected to her heart and soul.  She is a living breathing energy that houses us, puts up with us as we drive all over her, drill and dig holes and place concrete on top of her, allowing us to do those things just shows how much Mother Earth truly loves us.

With the changes occurring on our earth at this time it seems only too perfect that this book would come and find me.  It was a wonderful reminder of how much when you really pay attention to nature that mother earth is always helping us grow and learn.  After reading this book I felt so humbled and grateful that mother earth works with such grace and perfect synchronization that I became overwhelmed by her love for us.  From that boundless  love I had decided to return the favor to mother earth by showing gratitude towards her.  My children and I feed the birds, walk bare feet on the grass and stop and appreciate Mother Earth’s beauty daily.  For it comes from the people’s hearts and love to make the changes we need to make to help heal our mother earth.  Even if it takes one barefoot step on the grass all I ask is to try in some way to reconnect to our mother earth because after all she does more than we could ever imagine or put up with for that matter.  With something to think about.


Love Always…Tamara