Reconnecting our Spirit to Mother Earth


          I recently read a novel called MESSAGE FROM FOREVER A NOVEL OF ABORIGINAL WISDOM by MARLO MORGAN which was an incredible story of twins separated at birth where each goes on a different path in finding their true selves.  The book offers a great insight in reconnecting with your background of not only where we come from but also how to live with mother earth.    In the book the twins live a life within a society of the social norm but something within them discovers that something is missing.  One twin goes off in search of her heritage while another discovers himself in a jail cell.

This book was such a wonderful reminder that although we live in a society that is fast pace and trying to keep up with everyone else it shows how much when you begin to learn of  your own heritage and true past how much we have really disconnected to mother earth.  You have but to look at our shoes to show us that we are literally no longer touching mother earth and staying connected to her heart and soul.  She is a living breathing energy that houses us, puts up with us as we drive all over her, drill and dig holes and place concrete on top of her, allowing us to do those things just shows how much Mother Earth truly loves us.

With the changes occurring on our earth at this time it seems only too perfect that this book would come and find me.  It was a wonderful reminder of how much when you really pay attention to nature that mother earth is always helping us grow and learn.  After reading this book I felt so humbled and grateful that mother earth works with such grace and perfect synchronization that I became overwhelmed by her love for us.  From that boundless  love I had decided to return the favor to mother earth by showing gratitude towards her.  My children and I feed the birds, walk bare feet on the grass and stop and appreciate Mother Earth’s beauty daily.  For it comes from the people’s hearts and love to make the changes we need to make to help heal our mother earth.  Even if it takes one barefoot step on the grass all I ask is to try in some way to reconnect to our mother earth because after all she does more than we could ever imagine or put up with for that matter.  With something to think about.


Love Always…Tamara


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