Lemuria and Atlantis: The Birth of Spirituality and Feminine Energy

          Two years ago when I awakened to my own intuition I received some interesting information that I could only describe as unbelievable.  During that time and even today I channeled a lot of information so much so I had a notebook where ever I went incase the strong urge to write took over me.  Luckily I have been able to manage this urge much better.  One day God and Ascended Masters drew a map of our earth all the continents and oceans and even islands.  There were two distinct islands that they drew that blew my mind.  One island in the Atlantic Ocean named Atlantis and in the Pacific Ocean was another island they called Lemuria.  We have all grown up with the stories of Atlantis but never had I heard of the word Lemuria and little did I know that we had two very important islands that played a major role for humankind.  As they began drawing this map they told me a story a story that I would like to share with you today.

In the beginning of time there were two islands which both housed spiritually strong and wise humans.  They were powerful and very technologically advanced.  On one side the right was Atlantis known as the Male side of earth.  To the left was Lemuria known as the feminine side of the earth.  The female energy would go up from what is known as Canada to all the way down to South  America.  The male energy would go throughout Europe, Africa and into Asia, including Australia.  Have you ever taken notice how one half of the earth is emotional while the other appears to be strong and hard?  When you look at your earth as a whole and lay the map of your continents flat you will see that the islands match up on either side of the  Americas.  When you look even closer you will see that these two islands are in fact the ovaries of mother earth and when you draw a line connecting the ovaries and make a triangle you will find the birth of a new humanity, the birth of the female energy rising and spirituality rising within your world once again.  This energy it is at its peak in and around Peru.  In reminding you of why you came to this earth and as a female it will be your calling and soul path along with many other souls who have taken on female form to rise up and speak out and mostly teach on the subject of spirituality.  Your psychic ability is but a tool to reach your heart and true selves, it is never meant to be used in any other way but of love and service.  It is during this rise of the feminine energy where turmoil will begin, the males must adjust and the females too.  As women you are to usher in compassion and love to mother earth once again, it is after all a cycle and it is now your turn to bring peace and tranquility to all who choose to stay on earth during this process.


       As one might imagine during the time this story was shared with me my jaw just dropped and I was very confused; yet it somehow seemed to feel truthful almost like I was reminded of our long lost history.  Also, during this time I had a lot of dreams or astral travels sitting on top of these very high peaked mountains where I would sit on the edge and speak with a white eagle.  Intuitively I knew that this eagle was Arch Angel Michael taking on a different form.  It felt like we spoke for hours and I was even shown an Incan shaman who lived on the mountain top known as Machu Picchu, as for his story that might have to be shared another day.  It was truly an experience I will never forget.

There are many who are already fully aware and have actively been helping the grid lines of our earth become clear for the feminine energy to flow throughout our earth.  This story and many others from thousands of people across our planet have felt this energy become stronger and even leading those to perform ceremonies upon sacred sites.  To explain this even further a wonderful book to read is SERPENT OF LIGHT BEYOND 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.  I can’t even explain to you how much his book validated so much of what has been shared with me by spirit.  His adventure is truly one of many people helping to usher in the feminine energy and new age. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope by sharing this experience that it only broadens your perspective and allows you to open your heart even more.

Love Always…Tamara


6 thoughts on “Lemuria and Atlantis: The Birth of Spirituality and Feminine Energy

  1. psychicintraining says:

    Thought I’d pass this on, there are a couple of podcasts you might be interested in: One of Christopher Reburn’s podcasts he has a guest named Nenari and she talks about Lemuria, I believe she’s talking about her own past life there. She’s been on his show a couple of times.

    The second one is Karen Hagar’s out of the fog podcast, a recent one, with a psychic guest who’s hosting a trip to Machu Picchu and who has been invited by local shamen for the new year in December 2012. Sorry I can’t remember more than that. If you sign up for the podcasts through itunes (a free download) then you can see the archive and description of past podcasts.

  2. Beth Grimes says:

    Thank you Tamara Heims for always sharing yourself in way that opens me up to new insights and possibilities. I especially appreciate the sacred loving space that you have created for all of us at Intuitive Mothers. I can feel the love and acceptance of this holy group sharing so much about life on this planet and especially about learning from each other and our children as we open up to a life vision that is wise, compassionate, loving and nurturing to ourselves others and Mother Earth. Even on the days when I am not interactive with the beautiful souls in the group, I still visit the site and find inspiration and support there as an observer. So much gratitude and love! Blessings. ❤

    • intuitivemothers says:

      Thank you so much Beth for your extremely kind words I am grateful that this group resonates with you but most all that you are supported in knowing that you are not alone. Many Blessings to you as well! Much gratitude and love always…tamara

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