Service: Feeding our Family with Love

          Recently I came across a cartoon which showed a mother hovering over her child and cleaning their face off with a sign above the child’s head saying “Help”.  Underneath there was another picture with a young boy mowing the grass with a saying that read, “Teach children to serve not be served”.  On the same day my husband came across an often told fable from Lisette’s Larkins book Talking to Extraterrestrials

 There is a story to tell in which you catch a glimpse of hell and see people starving despite the fact that everyone is sitting around a giant bowl of soup, since the spoons are too long to enable one to feed oneself.  Then you visit heaven and see the same group of people with the same spoons and same soup, yet all are well nourished, since they have figured out that by feeding each other, they all can become nourished.

Often time’s spirit will give me multiple signs such as these that give me an opportunity to think about and possibly write about topics.  These are two examples of how the topic of service came to me.  Both in their own way show us how we can simply change our perspective and become active members of our society.  As a mother I work very hard to instill in my children the importance of thinking and receiving answers from their inner self.  When they do ask for help I simply return with “what do you think?” which requires them to actually think about a solution that best suites them and how to help another person.  You might be surprised with what they come up with all on their own.

The idea of simply focusing on feeding one another and keeping the perspective that we are all family would enable us to create a more heaven like atmosphere.  If you really think about it we are all caught up on how much we get, how we get it, when will we get more, that it all comes down to the focus of me rather than we.  To go along with this topic my children came home with a fun run packet run miles to earn money for your school and donate to an overseas foundation.  While I always love the idea of supporting the community and raising funds for any cause what got me was how they “teach” the children of service.  For every dollar the children “sell” the lap they will run they receive prizes.  The day after we received the packets my children raced home to tell me which friend won which prize and the run isn’t for another two weeks!  For me is this method really teaching children how to serve and help the community? Or is it teaching them to sell and see how much they receive for themselves?  Somewhere in there the message of how to help and serve a cause was and is lost.  While the intentions of the fun run is to help I do have to wonder if that is the true intentions of the company and if parents  really are aware of what is taking place because I can see them just as easily being caught up in the idea of selling rather than helping.

So here is a challenge try for one week serve your family, community and neighbors in some way.  While you may not receive prizes and goodies that are advertised from a fun run you will in fact receive an even bigger prize, love.  I personally will try this challenge and see what exactly happens.  But wait how will you know what to do?  Easy follow your heart and let your intuition be your guide it could be anything from a small gesture to a sweet phone call.  Let’s start today with feeding our family with love.

Love Always…Tamara


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