Arch Angel Michael

There are many Angels all around us each and every day,

But the one I want to share with you works in a fascinating way.

He is said to help you when you travel in a car, train or plane,

He also knows when you are sad, angry or even when you complain.

His name is Arch Angel Michael with an aura of purple and blue,

And when I needed him the most you should see how fast he flew.

He may not be able to fix a problem or help clean up your room,

But Angel Michael is there to help your soul to bloom.

So when you look up into the sky and you see a purple hue,

Ask yourself is that Angel Michael saying hello to you?

Know that Angel Michael is all around,

There are many ways in which he can be found.

Begin to pay attention to a cool breeze or a warm fuzzy feeling,

Because it just might be Angel Michael giving you a special meaning.

Close your eyes and just imagine using your third eye,

Angel Michael is very good at saying hi!

Practice talking to him or just send a message using your mind,

Trust me Angel Michael will hear you because you are easy to find.

Angels are very creative using numbers, symbols and signs,

After all, they come from the divine.

Angels are messengers and helpers from above,

All we have to do is except their LOVE.

So the next time you have a quiet moment or going through a tough cycle,

Ask yourself isn’t it time to meet Arch Angel Michael?

Love Always…Tamara

Take Care Of Yourself

          Over the past couple weeks I have personally felt a little low.  Low on energy, low on motivation just an overwhelming sense of feeling not myself.  These past few years have been some of the hardest yet instrumental in my own spiritual development not to mention my whole entire family’s growth.  Having said that I also realized that the stress has sort of caught up with me.  As a mother I tend to feel like I need to be the strongest in the family and always remain positive especially considering what spirit has been teaching me.  Well in these past couple week’s spirit was teaching me yet another lesson on the importance of taking care of my self.  As I realized this lesson I needed to learn to stop taking care of everyone first and me last.  As mothers we are important enough to be able to care for ourselves and make ourselves a priority.  Take away the pride and learn to receive since we so often just give and give often without even thinking about ourselves.  While our intentions are of love we tend to forget to love ourselves along the way.  My mother reminded me of when you are on an airplane and if an emergency arises that the air bags fall from above.  What do they teach everyone to do?  Yes place the mask on yourself first then help the person next to you.  Without your mask on you are of no use to help anyone else.

To go along with the everyday pressures of life when you feel as though you are not keeping up you get overwhelmed.  Personally I want to eat healthy everyday, I want to dress up and look more presentable, I would love to exercise everyday but I can’t.  I am just not in that part of my life where I can go and do what I would like to do after all I have five other people to consider too.  Then I stopped myself and I thought why am I am being so hard on myself?  Why aren’t I going with the flow of just being a mom?  Why do I feel like I always have to catch up whether it be cooking or cleaning?  The answers came easy once I asked the questions.  I AM NOT PERFECT I AM HUMAN!  Mothers I feel are way too hard on themselves and often times can get caught up on what is expected rather than what is best in their particular situation.  We all have our own way or path to follow.  Ultimately, regardless if you are mother of four living in America or a mother of fifteen living in a hut somewhere it does not matter all mothers need to take care of themselves and most of all love themselves.  You can only do the best you can under your given circumstance.  Intuitive mothers know and recognize how much energy it takes to care for little people but we also realize we need to keep our own energy balanced as well.

Here are a few reminders in which I had to use these past few weeks in the importance of taking care of ourselves.  And please know even if you are not a mother you should be taking care of yourself as well.

  • Take a salt bath
  • Meditate
  • Write
  • Lock the door for five minutes and take the break you need
  • Call a friend
  • Get your nails done
  • Take a walk
  • Learn to breathe
  • Turn every noise off in the house and just sit with some tea

These are just a few ideas on how to do something for your self.  Spirit even suggested writing my self a love letter in order to show me how much I have to offer.  At first I laughed but then it did make sense.  From one mother to another I hope this helps you to know that you are not alone.  With something to share,

Love Always…Tamara


Saging Energy

          The home you live in carries with it a feeling of protection, comfort and solitude but it also can hold energy all on its own. With that said we must also know and understand how to take care of our home.  While all of us clean our homes from the kitchen sink to the lovely toilets but how many of you ever think to clean the energy in your home?  How often do you think of the energy that you bring in and out of your home?  If you are caught on this question then I think it is time for you to learn Saging Energy or aka smudging.  I wanted to share with you my techniques on how I sage my home.  Usually I sage once a month based on my reading of energy found through out the house.  Basically if I feel my house is bringing me down then it is a sign to sage.

I begin with white sage which you can find at any natural food store or metaphysical store.  Gently light your sage on one end and by using your hand or if you are lucky to have been given a large feather than you can gently guide the smoke in the direction you wish.  I also use a large shell to catch or place my sage in as to avoid lighting my house on fire.  You can start anywhere you are guided in your home for me I usually start at the door that my family and I usually go in and out of the most.  At every doorway and window I guide the smoke to the four corners and angles of the door or window.  I’ve always intuitively known how to do this so forgive me for not being able to explain why I do it this way I just go off with the sense of knowing (it may just be my inner shaman coming out).  As I start with the first door I go to my right and in and out of every room reaching the four corners of the ceiling in each room and the windows and doorways.  When I say I do every room that includes closets, even the toilet space!  As I make my way through the house and in and out of rooms I finally end where I started.  I then go in to my garage and repeat with the four corners including my car inside and out and the tires.  Why not right?  Once I am finished on the inside of my home I go to the outside of the house and do all of the four corners of the outside windows and building.  If I feel extra energy on something I will draw an X on a window or surface in order to better clear the energy.  As a side note I also sage anything that lets energy into my home.  That means from TV’s to computers to cell phones anything that lets energy into your home I would sage.

Sure your house may smell like a college dorm room in the end but most importantly the idea is to clear your home of energy that can affect your life.  Your home is your safe haven from the outside world and that is worth the time to help keep clear and with positive energy.  My children love saging and naturally love coming up to the smoke because it does feel very refreshing and rejuvenating.  From crystals, to plants and now saging I hope this helps you understand how important it can be to help clear your home energetically.  Give it a try and see what it does for you!  With something to share…

Love Always…Tamara


Teaching Children the Language of Energy

          In many places around the world children are taught through their religion or culture about energy.  In India they are taught the chakras, in Europe families hold onto the old ways using herbs to help cure an aliment.  Even the doctors in Europe are commonly using herbs and medicine to help cure diseases.  In Asian cultures acupuncture is used to calm and cure the body.  Truthfully I could write a long list of the many diverse ways in which cultures around the world use and understand energy.

Sadly the United States never has truly embraced these concepts and thankfully there are teachers of energy scattered throughout our States that are practicing these concepts on a daily basis.  You have but to look at our healthcare, education even religion to notice that when holistic approaches or the concept of energy is brought up people shy away from it.  Why is that?  People often fear what they do not understand.  The bible clearly shows Jesus using healing energy to heal the sick but when you bring up the concept of teaching children that we too can have that gift or birth right of healing, people are caught up in the fact that was only meant for Jesus.  In actuality Jesus was a leader and was a living breathing teacher on how we can use energy.  He was setting an example and sharing that we all can have the same abilities like Jesus for we are all a part of God.  While the bible can get lost in translation and people tend to take it too literally my only hope is that people use their inner guidance in finding what is truthful to them and not what someone else has told them to believe.

Truth is energy should be taught to all children because even though they already know what energy is they may not know how to explain or express it in their culture or language.  I remember as a child feeling weird around certain people and seeing shadows at the corner of my eye.  As a five-year old girl I did not have the vocabulary to express my feelings.  I just assumed everyone felt the same way I did.  Now when my own children express to me that they feel funny in their tummy or get tired around other people and even if they claim to see something I can’t, I listen and I listen very carefully.  From my awakening I was better prepared in supporting my spiritual children.  A lot of parents do not have that opportunity so I take my gift and use it with honor in hopes to help support other parents who wish to help their children.  Or better yet awaken them selves and in return help their own children.

If you are a mother, father or even grandparent I would highly recommend to start listening to your children and look for key behaviors that correspond with the language of energy.  For example tummy aches especially when they are around a group of people, headaches, looking very tired more than usual, strange eating habits, avoiding a room or space in your house or outside space.  Truly the list could go on but I wanted to provide some physical ideas on how the language of energy displays itself in our everyday life.   Energy is all around us and the faster we understand the language the faster you will be able to understand life and how to maneuver through it.  That is not to say I am expert but from my awakening I can tell you I live and breathe the language of energy everyday and with each day I am learning more and more.  That is after all the process of life anyway to learn and grow, but by simply acknowledging the language of energy you are opening another door into your life that encompasses boundless knowledge and lessons.  With something to think about!

Love Always… Tamara

Power of Prayer

          I wanted to discuss Prayer today because I think often times people can misunderstand what prayer is all about.  Typically when people pray they are asking for something either a thing or to send love to another person.  While those two things are ok I wanted to look deeper into the power of prayer.  Years ago I never really thought about prayer and in fact I can honestly tell you even if I wanted something materially I never once thought to pray for it, never.  It wasn’t until I had my own children that prayer became a part of my life.  After all once you become a parent you often reflect on your own childhood and tend to go back to what your traditions were in your family.  So before every meal and before bedtime my children, my husband and I would typically pray together.  Then my awakening occurred and prayer for me opened up a whole new world.  A world I never knew existed.  I began to understand the energy that went along with prayer and I also learned what prayer really is.  I was taught through my own awakening experience that prayer is really meant for you to have a relationship with God or Love however you wish to look at it or explain it.  That relationship and my praying to God was actually a conversation where I learn from the Love energy and also help others in a more powerful way.  Through prayers I have had lessons in compassion, forgiveness and a new found perspective on many subjects.  There is this unconditional love that washes over my body along with beautiful and powerful energies and colors that gets projected into my third eye.  Prayer is the one place where you can let your true self release anything and everything.  Any secret, any concern, any horrible thought you have had or will have is released and healed through your conversations with God.  Your conversations with God can bring a gentle lesson that is shown through pictures, or kind warm words.  Or if I am particularly distraught I release my anger and throw a tantrum and I lay it all out there for God to see and in return I still receive relief in a timely manner because God can change anything and everything.

When I really began to focus on prayer I noticed that I after I spoke with God I would always hear, “Everything can change with time”.  Think about the time of an hour.  In one hour you can start off feeling stressed and by the end of one hour you could receive an answer and everything you feared has been gently resolved.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been so stressed where I couldn’t even hear an answer and within 1 hour, 1 week or even 1 minute something happens and everything calms down.  Meanwhile I am waiting for an answer I am stressed crying, worrying and even getting mad at times but then God comes through and just goes “See, I am helping you.”  Then physically I break down and I am tired from all of my wasted energy that I spent on stressing out.  Then finally one day I learned my lesson through my constant prayers I learned to trust God and the prayers and conversations we have.  You think it would have been obvious that after our conversations that I would trust God in taking care of whatever the situation was but that part was the hardest for me.  Letting go and letting God was one of the harder lessons for me.  Prayers really are conversations with God in which you have to trust and learn from because truly it is another language filled with endless lessons.  Prayers are there to help you through the process of learning about yourself and to serve others.

When you are sending prayers to a loved for whatever circumstance I can only wish I could describe the energy that comes with your sending thoughts of love and healing towards a person.  If people could actually see the energy in this dimension I think people would be astonished of how much power your energy truly has and how powerful we really are.  With that said I am still learning and with each passing day my prayers have changed and have become even more powerful because I am choosing to accept my own true power.  God is gently nudging me along with lessons and conversations.  I have also learned to enjoy my conversations for they are tender, loving and sometimes downright funny but they also can be challenging.  Either way at the end of any lesson God has always provided me with relief and most of all love.  With something to think about.

Love Always…


Magical Sedona

          My family and I decided to head to Sedona for the day and all I can say is that it was magical.  I have been going to Sedona for over 15 plus years now but never had I experienced so much there until yesterday.  It truly was indescribable but I will do my best.

As we set off in the car with a picnic lunch in toe the kids were so excited for any kind of road trip.  Once you drive into Sedona you hit a first turnabout and rather heading straight which leads you directly to the town of Sedona we went left and Verde Valley Road.  You follow the road all the way down and you will reach a secret area of Sedona that many people don’t get a chance to explore or even know about.  There is an International Boarding school calledVerde Valley Schoolwhich is gently nestled into the red rock and enveloped with the green trees and little white houses which are the different classrooms.  Off to the side is an equestrian center for the students to ride horses and to learn how to care for them.  On the higher part of the land sits a little white chapel, very simple and much understated but once you go inside you realize that it is truly magical.  Whoever built it knew how to take advantage of the red rocks of Sedona because as you walk in and straight to the front is just one large window that gives you an almost “fake” like view because the endless sea of red rock mountains are truly a sight to see and seem to beautiful to be true.  As a side note my husband and I got married in this little chapel almost 10 years ago and it still holds magic for us and even our four children.

Driving down back onto the main road I realized that this school is the school/healing center that I have envisioned to work in sometime in the near future.  I was so overwhelmed by the idea that I nearly broke down into tears.  During my vision of working or creating such a school my little Ella noticed a beautiful coyote walking the school grounds.  Once back on the Verde Valley Road and you continue forward the paved road ends and a rocky road begins and if you follow the road to the end you will see that there are many hiking trails and a creek.  We parked our car and set out to have a picnic along the creek.  The creek sits between one side of green trees and grass while on the other (the side we were on) large slabs of red rocks.  We instantly chose a spot to sit and eat and as the children scarfed down their food in anticipation of play in the creek they had already taken their shoes and socks off and raced to place their little tiny toes in the flowing creek.  The discoverer of the moment Ella went deeper than the rest onto the bedrock of the creek.  Hit some silt and went face first into the creek.  I instantly thought she needed the “baptism” of the creek and we all had a great laugh.  Once Ella dried up we decided to follow the creek side which leads you into a canyon.  Along the way it seemed like every butterfly known to man was alive and awake just for us.  These butterflies ranged from penny sized to as large as a child’s hand, it was truly magical.  To make it even more unbelievable the butterflies would land on your hand, head or shoulder.  They silently dipped and gracefully touched you like they were gently healing our energy.  One butterfly in particular which was very large and yellow glided down to the ground and all four of the children got a chance to look very closely to his wings and different patterns.  It was almost like this butterfly was showing off his beauty and the children literally stood in awe for about 5 minutes and as he continued to stay on the ground we decided to leave and he still stayed there!  As we made our way out of the canyon a large yellow butterfly circled us and went back into the canyon and my daughter said, “Oh! He was saying goodbye to us mom!”

Back into the car with red sand and dust all over us we were all excited as to what just took place.  We then decided to head in to the town of Sedona and the children were kind to wait in the car so mommy could shop.  It has been well over a year in which I have admired a drusy crystal and have longed for a necklace with a drusy pendant.  Well yesterday was my day and as I walked into my favorite crystal store in Sedona Angels of Enlightenment as usual I could not find the pendant, at least one that was in my budget.  Then my guides gently nudged me to ask the owner for what I was looking for.  The owner knew instantly where to look and out of this secret cabinet came out two pendants that I could choose from and in my price range.  It was if they were waiting for me!  I chose one raw drusy crystal pendant and I was filled with gratitude because I had finally found my companion.  That to me was magic!

Racing back into the car the children all wanted to choose a crystal of their own to take back home.  My husband drove us up to the Sedona airport where it literally sits inside a very large vortex.  At the top of the mountain there is a parking lot where you can either walk to the airport or explore the vortex, there is even a very neat hotel to stay in.  As we parked I saw a white orb guiding me exactly on where to go which to my amazement lead us on a little path I had never seen before.  All six of us walked in synch about 10 feet onto this path and as I looked down I saw a ladybug sitting on top of a stone.  I knew it was meant for my daughter Carys.    We all chose one stone to take back home but suddenly as my husband began to pick up his stone we heard a very large pig like grunt or it could have been a horse.  We all jumped back and headed out and back to the parking lot.  We looked very hard and never saw an animal, no peccary or horse nearby at all.  It was then I remembered that I should have asked for permission to take these stones from the vortex and using my inner wisdom I graciously thanked mother earth and the spirits who protect the vortex and the energy of Sedona and asked if we were allowed to return home with these stones.  My answer was just as gracious, “You are all wondrous take these stones and cleans them with the full moon just remember to always ask for permission before taking, thank you.”  Could that have been even more magical?

On the car ride home my husband and I looked in the back of the car with four sleeping children and just smiled and we both felt overwhelmed with gratitude because we had not taken a road trip or had a vacation in a very long time.  Once back home we took every crystal that we have including the ones from Sedona and placed them outside on our back porch for them to bathe in the full moon light.  Somehow I felt our trip to Sedona, a full moon, and it being Easter weekend was all a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning.  And so far I am enjoying this rebirth and cleansing and I am excited for Easter and what is in store for us all.  The energy that surrounds not only my family but all the people seem to be of a celebratory and excitement.  I am not sure what is in store but I have a pretty good feeling that the New Age energy is starting to come in now and we are seeing and feeling little pockets of it and that is worth celebrating.  May the energy of Sedona bless you this Easter weekend.


Love Always…


Multidimensional Channeling

          I have been trying to find my way for a while on where I fit in this “Awakened” community and while I am not a fan of labels I somehow needed an understanding of who I am.  Just last week I was speaking to a friend of mine and during our conversation we were trying to figure out what our “talents” really lay within us.  For my friend we both agreed that she was very talented in clearing land and spirit rescues meaning crossing over spirits who have not gone into the light.  If you are in need of such service please look to my suggestion page to find my friend Veronica’s Spirit Rescue service.

As we discovered my friend’s talent she quickly quipped “I think you are a multidimensional channeler”.  Once she said that I felt very comfortable with the term and strangely it felt comforting to me, like I had found my place.  After our conversation I quickly looked online to help me define my identifier.  Why I needed this comfort was to help guide me in how best to help other people.  So here is how I define being a multidimensional channeler.

I see things in layers from the psychical body to the inward spiritual body.  From Earths physical form to Earth’s many layers and dimensions such as elementals to benevolent extraterrestrials.  While I don’t believe my calling is to offer “readings” in the traditional sense I do believe my gift is an extension of or possibly the next step to mediumship.  Please know that I am not diminishing mediums work for they are just as necessary as any lighworker, everyone has a role to play on this team building opportunity.  Mediums are great openers into a greater unknown by first opening people to the idea that life does exist past physical death.  Once people are ready and are willing to go to the next step to understanding the energy that surrounds us they may seek healers, energy workers, channelers.  Multidimensional channelers are simply part of the extension of who you can go to next to learn about energy, beings and finding your true self.  Channelers are teachers and guides that can help explain the energies from inside your body to the outside of your human understanding.  It is simply another way to open people up to the next step in finding truth.

With that said I am changing the top of my page where my picture is and changing it from Love Always to my new identifier in hopes to help more people.  Thank you for going along with me in this journey of my own self discovery and in finding my own truth and I hope you are making your way to yours, with much love, kindness and most of all gratitude to my spiritual family.


Love Always…Tamara