Multidimensional Channeling

          I have been trying to find my way for a while on where I fit in this “Awakened” community and while I am not a fan of labels I somehow needed an understanding of who I am.  Just last week I was speaking to a friend of mine and during our conversation we were trying to figure out what our “talents” really lay within us.  For my friend we both agreed that she was very talented in clearing land and spirit rescues meaning crossing over spirits who have not gone into the light.  If you are in need of such service please look to my suggestion page to find my friend Veronica’s Spirit Rescue service.

As we discovered my friend’s talent she quickly quipped “I think you are a multidimensional channeler”.  Once she said that I felt very comfortable with the term and strangely it felt comforting to me, like I had found my place.  After our conversation I quickly looked online to help me define my identifier.  Why I needed this comfort was to help guide me in how best to help other people.  So here is how I define being a multidimensional channeler.

I see things in layers from the psychical body to the inward spiritual body.  From Earths physical form to Earth’s many layers and dimensions such as elementals to benevolent extraterrestrials.  While I don’t believe my calling is to offer “readings” in the traditional sense I do believe my gift is an extension of or possibly the next step to mediumship.  Please know that I am not diminishing mediums work for they are just as necessary as any lighworker, everyone has a role to play on this team building opportunity.  Mediums are great openers into a greater unknown by first opening people to the idea that life does exist past physical death.  Once people are ready and are willing to go to the next step to understanding the energy that surrounds us they may seek healers, energy workers, channelers.  Multidimensional channelers are simply part of the extension of who you can go to next to learn about energy, beings and finding your true self.  Channelers are teachers and guides that can help explain the energies from inside your body to the outside of your human understanding.  It is simply another way to open people up to the next step in finding truth.

With that said I am changing the top of my page where my picture is and changing it from Love Always to my new identifier in hopes to help more people.  Thank you for going along with me in this journey of my own self discovery and in finding my own truth and I hope you are making your way to yours, with much love, kindness and most of all gratitude to my spiritual family.


Love Always…Tamara


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