Power of Prayer

          I wanted to discuss Prayer today because I think often times people can misunderstand what prayer is all about.  Typically when people pray they are asking for something either a thing or to send love to another person.  While those two things are ok I wanted to look deeper into the power of prayer.  Years ago I never really thought about prayer and in fact I can honestly tell you even if I wanted something materially I never once thought to pray for it, never.  It wasn’t until I had my own children that prayer became a part of my life.  After all once you become a parent you often reflect on your own childhood and tend to go back to what your traditions were in your family.  So before every meal and before bedtime my children, my husband and I would typically pray together.  Then my awakening occurred and prayer for me opened up a whole new world.  A world I never knew existed.  I began to understand the energy that went along with prayer and I also learned what prayer really is.  I was taught through my own awakening experience that prayer is really meant for you to have a relationship with God or Love however you wish to look at it or explain it.  That relationship and my praying to God was actually a conversation where I learn from the Love energy and also help others in a more powerful way.  Through prayers I have had lessons in compassion, forgiveness and a new found perspective on many subjects.  There is this unconditional love that washes over my body along with beautiful and powerful energies and colors that gets projected into my third eye.  Prayer is the one place where you can let your true self release anything and everything.  Any secret, any concern, any horrible thought you have had or will have is released and healed through your conversations with God.  Your conversations with God can bring a gentle lesson that is shown through pictures, or kind warm words.  Or if I am particularly distraught I release my anger and throw a tantrum and I lay it all out there for God to see and in return I still receive relief in a timely manner because God can change anything and everything.

When I really began to focus on prayer I noticed that I after I spoke with God I would always hear, “Everything can change with time”.  Think about the time of an hour.  In one hour you can start off feeling stressed and by the end of one hour you could receive an answer and everything you feared has been gently resolved.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been so stressed where I couldn’t even hear an answer and within 1 hour, 1 week or even 1 minute something happens and everything calms down.  Meanwhile I am waiting for an answer I am stressed crying, worrying and even getting mad at times but then God comes through and just goes “See, I am helping you.”  Then physically I break down and I am tired from all of my wasted energy that I spent on stressing out.  Then finally one day I learned my lesson through my constant prayers I learned to trust God and the prayers and conversations we have.  You think it would have been obvious that after our conversations that I would trust God in taking care of whatever the situation was but that part was the hardest for me.  Letting go and letting God was one of the harder lessons for me.  Prayers really are conversations with God in which you have to trust and learn from because truly it is another language filled with endless lessons.  Prayers are there to help you through the process of learning about yourself and to serve others.

When you are sending prayers to a loved for whatever circumstance I can only wish I could describe the energy that comes with your sending thoughts of love and healing towards a person.  If people could actually see the energy in this dimension I think people would be astonished of how much power your energy truly has and how powerful we really are.  With that said I am still learning and with each passing day my prayers have changed and have become even more powerful because I am choosing to accept my own true power.  God is gently nudging me along with lessons and conversations.  I have also learned to enjoy my conversations for they are tender, loving and sometimes downright funny but they also can be challenging.  Either way at the end of any lesson God has always provided me with relief and most of all love.  With something to think about.

Love Always…



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