Saging Energy

          The home you live in carries with it a feeling of protection, comfort and solitude but it also can hold energy all on its own. With that said we must also know and understand how to take care of our home.  While all of us clean our homes from the kitchen sink to the lovely toilets but how many of you ever think to clean the energy in your home?  How often do you think of the energy that you bring in and out of your home?  If you are caught on this question then I think it is time for you to learn Saging Energy or aka smudging.  I wanted to share with you my techniques on how I sage my home.  Usually I sage once a month based on my reading of energy found through out the house.  Basically if I feel my house is bringing me down then it is a sign to sage.

I begin with white sage which you can find at any natural food store or metaphysical store.  Gently light your sage on one end and by using your hand or if you are lucky to have been given a large feather than you can gently guide the smoke in the direction you wish.  I also use a large shell to catch or place my sage in as to avoid lighting my house on fire.  You can start anywhere you are guided in your home for me I usually start at the door that my family and I usually go in and out of the most.  At every doorway and window I guide the smoke to the four corners and angles of the door or window.  I’ve always intuitively known how to do this so forgive me for not being able to explain why I do it this way I just go off with the sense of knowing (it may just be my inner shaman coming out).  As I start with the first door I go to my right and in and out of every room reaching the four corners of the ceiling in each room and the windows and doorways.  When I say I do every room that includes closets, even the toilet space!  As I make my way through the house and in and out of rooms I finally end where I started.  I then go in to my garage and repeat with the four corners including my car inside and out and the tires.  Why not right?  Once I am finished on the inside of my home I go to the outside of the house and do all of the four corners of the outside windows and building.  If I feel extra energy on something I will draw an X on a window or surface in order to better clear the energy.  As a side note I also sage anything that lets energy into my home.  That means from TV’s to computers to cell phones anything that lets energy into your home I would sage.

Sure your house may smell like a college dorm room in the end but most importantly the idea is to clear your home of energy that can affect your life.  Your home is your safe haven from the outside world and that is worth the time to help keep clear and with positive energy.  My children love saging and naturally love coming up to the smoke because it does feel very refreshing and rejuvenating.  From crystals, to plants and now saging I hope this helps you understand how important it can be to help clear your home energetically.  Give it a try and see what it does for you!  With something to share…

Love Always…Tamara



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