Teaching Children the Language of Energy

          In many places around the world children are taught through their religion or culture about energy.  In India they are taught the chakras, in Europe families hold onto the old ways using herbs to help cure an aliment.  Even the doctors in Europe are commonly using herbs and medicine to help cure diseases.  In Asian cultures acupuncture is used to calm and cure the body.  Truthfully I could write a long list of the many diverse ways in which cultures around the world use and understand energy.

Sadly the United States never has truly embraced these concepts and thankfully there are teachers of energy scattered throughout our States that are practicing these concepts on a daily basis.  You have but to look at our healthcare, education even religion to notice that when holistic approaches or the concept of energy is brought up people shy away from it.  Why is that?  People often fear what they do not understand.  The bible clearly shows Jesus using healing energy to heal the sick but when you bring up the concept of teaching children that we too can have that gift or birth right of healing, people are caught up in the fact that was only meant for Jesus.  In actuality Jesus was a leader and was a living breathing teacher on how we can use energy.  He was setting an example and sharing that we all can have the same abilities like Jesus for we are all a part of God.  While the bible can get lost in translation and people tend to take it too literally my only hope is that people use their inner guidance in finding what is truthful to them and not what someone else has told them to believe.

Truth is energy should be taught to all children because even though they already know what energy is they may not know how to explain or express it in their culture or language.  I remember as a child feeling weird around certain people and seeing shadows at the corner of my eye.  As a five-year old girl I did not have the vocabulary to express my feelings.  I just assumed everyone felt the same way I did.  Now when my own children express to me that they feel funny in their tummy or get tired around other people and even if they claim to see something I can’t, I listen and I listen very carefully.  From my awakening I was better prepared in supporting my spiritual children.  A lot of parents do not have that opportunity so I take my gift and use it with honor in hopes to help support other parents who wish to help their children.  Or better yet awaken them selves and in return help their own children.

If you are a mother, father or even grandparent I would highly recommend to start listening to your children and look for key behaviors that correspond with the language of energy.  For example tummy aches especially when they are around a group of people, headaches, looking very tired more than usual, strange eating habits, avoiding a room or space in your house or outside space.  Truly the list could go on but I wanted to provide some physical ideas on how the language of energy displays itself in our everyday life.   Energy is all around us and the faster we understand the language the faster you will be able to understand life and how to maneuver through it.  That is not to say I am expert but from my awakening I can tell you I live and breathe the language of energy everyday and with each day I am learning more and more.  That is after all the process of life anyway to learn and grow, but by simply acknowledging the language of energy you are opening another door into your life that encompasses boundless knowledge and lessons.  With something to think about!

Love Always… Tamara


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