Arch Angel Michael

There are many Angels all around us each and every day,

But the one I want to share with you works in a fascinating way.

He is said to help you when you travel in a car, train or plane,

He also knows when you are sad, angry or even when you complain.

His name is Arch Angel Michael with an aura of purple and blue,

And when I needed him the most you should see how fast he flew.

He may not be able to fix a problem or help clean up your room,

But Angel Michael is there to help your soul to bloom.

So when you look up into the sky and you see a purple hue,

Ask yourself is that Angel Michael saying hello to you?

Know that Angel Michael is all around,

There are many ways in which he can be found.

Begin to pay attention to a cool breeze or a warm fuzzy feeling,

Because it just might be Angel Michael giving you a special meaning.

Close your eyes and just imagine using your third eye,

Angel Michael is very good at saying hi!

Practice talking to him or just send a message using your mind,

Trust me Angel Michael will hear you because you are easy to find.

Angels are very creative using numbers, symbols and signs,

After all, they come from the divine.

Angels are messengers and helpers from above,

All we have to do is except their LOVE.

So the next time you have a quiet moment or going through a tough cycle,

Ask yourself isn’t it time to meet Arch Angel Michael?

Love Always…Tamara


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