For centuries people have believed there is a secret society in which only an elite group of people belonged to had power.  From those select few leaders it is said they left “clues” all around the world but for this post let’s focus on America.  In New York City you have the statue of liberty in which she holds the light up into the sky.  Her dimensions in which she was built upon are all a repeating pattern equaling the number 7.  Might it also represent the 7 continents as well?  In front of the United Nations building there right in front are flags freely flowing from all the countries around the world, or at least most of them are represented.  Across from a very prominent Catholic Church in New York stands a statue in which he holds the one world above his head.  Illuminati is said to represent or try to create a one world order.  I have read about many conspiracy theories based off this supposed Illuminati and all I can share with you is that it is all about perspective.

There are many more symbols such as the pyramid (healing) and the eye (third eye) on our money along with so many others that I can’t even list at the moment.  For me personally I look at it at from a spiritualist perspective.  Look to the statue of liberty as she holds her light up to the sky.  She represents the light, enlightenment while others may disagree and believe that it represents Lucifer.  Lucifer means the bringer of light but immediately people jump to the other Lucifer as satin or prince of darkness.  Again it is all about perspective.  The United Nations and the concept of the Illuminati both represent the one world order.  Could it mean that a one world order actually means that we are all one with this world together and rather being separated by names, countries could we not become one nation?  Maybe the Illuminati represented the bringers of light or to illuminate the light or path into enlightenment?  Again it is all about perspective.

As we make our way through 2012 and if you do come across information hearing conspiracy theories based off of the Illuminati then all I ask is for you to look from within.  Try to look at it from a different perspective.  If others share that this group is evil and is fear based then I would question those who are delivering the message because to me regardless if people agree with me or not I follow my heart not fear.  If a judgment is made and rumors swirl of those who belong to this group then I would stop your self and question does this feel truthful?  Does judging others really quantify enlightenment?  There could quit possibly be a group of people out there who are trying to instill fear so that light does not shine on our earth or are trying to stop enlightenment from happening.  Either way you have a choice YOU can decide to become bringers of light or bringers of fear.  Regardless if there is a secret group called the Masons or the Illuminati all I can say is that when I personally look at the clues they are all pointing to enlightenment and somewhere along the way a select few wanted to try and stop that from happening.  That is why clues are left everywhere for YOU to decide on your own and find YOUR path.  It is all about perspective!  For me personally I much rather bring in light to our world and focus on the positive and let go of the conspiracy theories.  Light always directs you to truth.

Love Always…