When we visualize our dreams or desires we often think that how we view that dream within our mind should match the outcome.  What I have been learning lately is that our dreams and desires are simply a thought form that kick starts it into reality.  Another key factor that I am learning is that when you hold onto to your dreams and desires you are actually limiting yourself.  How does that happen?  Think of something you have always dreamed of, for example you always wanted to open your own store.  You think of how it will look and how it will come into your life then you keep thinking of that dream and how it’s supposed to look and how things are supposed to go to get there and that’s when you limit yourself.  What I have learned so far in building an education center for children is to let go and let  God.  I have had to let go of the dream and what I thought it should be and how to make it happen and let God to take over and allow that love energy to do the connections for me.  This in return opened up ALL doorways and released the limitations and the outcomes so far it has been grander than what I could have ever thought for myself and most importantly this center.  Can you see what I would be missing if hadn’t let go, God wanted more for me and those children?  By allowing to flow and letting God take control I have found a place of peace and in fact things have come in easier for me.  It’s as if I just need to sit patiently and do my part and the rest of the puzzle pieces will calmly come into my life when I need it.  This has truly been a feeling I have never had before and I LOVE IT!  With that said I have used the letting go process throughout different avenues in my life and all I can say is I am more at peace than I have been in a long time, actually ever and that is a blessing!

With something to think about set your intentions of your dream and let go and let LOVE do all the work for you as you focus on your part.

Love Always…Tamara


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