Shifting from a place of ME to WE

          Recently I have noticed things evolving and changing very quickly especially within our own community.  I have seen signs of people being eager to help, support and team up in a way I had never experienced before and it has left me in awe.  In less than one year when I channeled a curriculum for children never did I think that it would evolve into an actual center.  Nor did I ever anticipate that it would lead me to new friendships and a community I never new existed.  Maybe it is from the process of creating this center that it has given people the opportunity to become a “we” community?  Who knows but either way I feel grateful to be a part of it.  More and more people have had the same channeled “idea” and to me that is a wonderful opportunity for us to unite and bring this information into our world, after all this curriculum was never mine to begin with it was always a GIFT and that is something that I always remind myself.  It is up to us in how to use this gift do you share it?  Do you keep it to yourself?  Or do you create a whole new idea building on top of that gift?  That is what is so amazing about the channeled energy that we are lucky to receive it leaves you with choices and opportunities.  It is up to us on how we travel with it.

When we keep our ego in check and open our hearts to sharing and the intention of helping all communities and many children then your gift can expand in leaps and bounds.  That transition allows the heart to take over and not the mind.  So whatever gift you are receiving at the moment maybe an idea for an invention, a topic for a book, expanding upon your passion; any new idea that pop’s into your head pay attention and write it down.  For it’s the universe knocking on your door giving you a gift.  Now it’s up to you on how to handle it.   Let’s become a WE community and help,share and expand together. With something to think about the choice is always yours.

Love Always…Tamara


One thought on “Shifting from a place of ME to WE

  1. intuitivemothers says:

    This is from Lyrica from The Awetizm Experience what a wonderful article to add to this topic…‎” Group power is so dramatic when the group is sharing the seeds of evolution. A Group can evolve faster than the mass consciousness. A Group has to evolve into a group mind to be learning seat for Higher Consciousness. Groups are dear when they surrender to a common purpose that is God directed and corrected. In the group many lessons will come to bring unity and harmony. That is group purification, like soul purification. When people purify together to serve God, the evolve at a rate faster than mass evolution. These groups are not usually in known sects, for sects bring other agendas beyond service. We are having a group purification experience. This process is creating a group mind that is thinking on a very high aspiration to serve the Planet…… 108..chapter 9…”AWEtizm..A Hidden Key To Our Spiritual Magnificence”…peace

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