Everyday when I kiss my husband goodbye as he sets off to work I always say, “Go be that lighthouse honey”!  My husband works long hours and often misses family events and time with the kids but no matter what he does in life he typically has a positive attitude.  It was during one tough day at work where he called me and I could just sense that he had enough of his job when I said, “Go outside and be that lighthouse.”

So what does that really mean?  Well let’s look at the lighthouse itself they stand tall along a shoreline guiding ships and sometimes planes back to the main land.  They give off a bright light in which all can see from great distances.  To be a lighthouse yourself you must emit a greatness of light from within in order to help guide others to the main land.  Now how you wish to interpret the land part is up to you however, I wish to view the land as the self or love.  By living and breathing from the light within you project your greatness and in return you help others.

For my husband I often suggest to go outside raise his arms and emit his light out to the world, and you know what the funny thing is?  He typically draws his customers in after he does this.  While he makes his living on commission more often than not he comes home and shares beautiful stories of people he met throughout the day, making a deal or not he simply loves talking to everyone in his path.  I simply wanted to share this with all of you in hopes that if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or upset go outside raise your arms (and vibrations) and go and be that LIGHTHOUSE!!!


Love always…tamara


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