Third Eye


          Usually when I go into to meditate I can typically see my third eye once I close my physical eyes.  I can tell if my third eye is shut or open; if it’s shut then I call upon Arch Angel Michael and he instantly helps my third eye open.  So what does my third eye look like?  Get ready…it’s an actual eye!  I am not sure if that is how it is for others but for me it’s an actual eye.  It blinks the pupil dilates and it even has eyelashes.  Once the third eye is open I focus on the pupil and look to see how it expands and contrast and once it is full dilated then I look through that like a doorway.  Once I am in I can see colors, shapes, designs, people, animals whatever you can think of it is there.  Some times when I journey through meditations I will receive messages from loved ones.  I might also receive a slide show of pictures, world events that might occur.  Other times I am traveling through space, time and dimensions.  Either way your third eye is there for you to look through and use.  Go explore have fun enjoy the light show.  Our third eye is a window into the soul and beyond.

So what if you can’t see your third eye?  If you are meditating and are peacefully sitting and are relaxed and it still doesn’t come through then I would suggest 1) practice, after all if this is new for you then you must let go of all expectations and belief systems.  2) Call upon Arch Angel Michael or any Angel that you feel comfortable with. 3) Don’t expect to see an eye!  Everyone has their own journey some use an eye, while others see a tunnel of energy, or some see visions in their head and know it comes from somewhere else.  However and whatever comes through for you be sure to honor, trust and be grateful for what you are shown.  If they are showing you something that is unpleasant again call on Arch Angel Michael and ask to only see what is in the greater good for not only you but the loved ones around you.  Overall meditating and going within your third eye allows you look within your inner self or soul.  It provides an opportunity to keep in touch with the self, and universe that is not only within you but also around you.  Have a wonderful trip and I would love to hear about your meditation travels.  Love always…Tamara


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