Living a Spiritual Life


So now that you have awakened how do continue on with your life?  After all you now realize that there is more to life than what you realized.  Within the past three years since my spiritual awakening I have come across and met many unique individuals whom I would describe as spiritually awake.  Some live normal lives and go about their jobs and families and you could never tell the difference.  Others I have met are in a constant state of meditation and self-discovery.

My question to you is do you believe there is a right or wrong way to living a spiritual life?  I wanted to share what I have learned so far on my journey in meeting new people.  My answer to this question is very simple; there is no such thing as right or wrong it simply is based on an individual’s journey.  I am choosing to honor those who take their spirituality seriously as much as I honor those who live what we call a normal life.

Within each person I have met so far on my journey everyone is changing, evolving and growing no matter who they are.  As much as they might believe they are so attuned within themselves they still are making mistakes, having to deal with emotional issues from the past and must still come across people who are difficult.  That is what we are all here to do on this earth, learn.  Whether you are sitting on a mountaintop in Tibet or living in a bustling city every scenario has its challenges and its similarities.

It is from the lessons that are thrown into your path in life that really begins to challenge your spiritual life; those challenges are in fact blessings.  It will be up to you on how you handle them.  Will your challenge make you think of a past friend on how you dealt with a scenario?  If so it is boomeranged back into your life because you have not either healed from or learned your lesson quite yet.  Observe what life is giving you each and everyday, look within yourself on how you are going to handle a challenge, ask why, look to your past, look at many perspectives, just simply be that investigator you were meant to be.  Explore the world that surrounds you there is in fact nothing to fear.  Your life and at this very moment that you are reading this blog is a lesson for yourself, it is a opportunity to grow on so many levels that you can not even begin to imagine how strong, resourceful and powerful you truly are.

On that note living a spiritual life is simply being aware of who you are, supporting those who come into your life with a kind heart, and embracing challenges that life has in store for each and everyone of us.  I can promise you whether you are poor, rich or just an average person we all have our hardships, we all have a story but most of all don’t forget we all have each other.  Share, learn and honor one another and at the end of the day have fun because to me that is living a spiritual life.  It is when you are not learning or gaining knowledge and tired of your same old routine that you are not truly living.  So go out there and change up your life and explore what is out there, be a mindful person during your exploration.  There should be no pressure to just be who you are because spirit is always by your side guiding you…it is up to you to simply listen.  With something to think about the choice is always yours.

Love always…Tamara


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