Speaking Your Truth


          As of lately I have been working with and connecting with many wonderful people.  Usually when you gather people around with a common goal you are bound to run into obstacles, that goes for work, children, even your partner.  Obstacles are a part of our daily lives, but more importantly it is how we maneuver around these obstacles that sets the tone for others.  What exactly do I mean by that?  For example when you are working as a team and something just doesn’t feel right to you what do you do?  Do you ignore it?  Do you face it head on without thinking of others no matter who it hurts?  Either way think about the outcomes for both of these.  On one hand if you ignore something you really are not facing your truth nor are you going to be happy.  On the other hand when you do speak up you can wind up hurting someone else.  So is there a middle ground?  YES!

When you decide to speak your truth you are in fact helping your team members and in its place will have a rippling effect of positive emotion.  How you speak your truth is also another important factor.  You can deliver your message of truth in a careful way that is both honest, kind and with integrity for all involved; it is possible and can be done.  Just recently a dear friend shared her truth with me and in return it not only redirected a project we were working on but it wound up making me feel relief and happiness again.  I wasn’t connecting enough with myself or honoring myself because I had chosen to ignore my feelings rather than speaking my truth.  The ripple effect it created for the entire project wound up being incredible, I was truly grateful.

So when you are working as a team or with your family on any matter remember to honor yourself and speak your truth using the words that come from your heart.  In return you will be happier a long with the people who surround you.  Also, remember to honor your emotions and feelings after all those are all aspects of who you are as well.  Emotions and feelings should be shared and supported by those who are listening to you.  Whether you are a male or female emotions and feelings are part of being human it is naturally and it has a function so use it.  With something to think about the choice is always yours.


Love Always…Tamara


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