Compassion, Understanding and Truth



          What does compassion mean?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  These questions and more are necessary to ask in order to best understand the word.  You can surely read all about compassion but unless you truly experience it you will not fully understand the word and meaning.  In the last post we discussed expressing your truth and with that said compassion should be nearby.

While truths may not always be easy to hear, the messenger of that truth should be able to express him or herself in a compassionate and hopeful way.   Offering your truth may make you feel better and maybe even relieved but think about how your truth may feel for the person on the receiving end.  Are you leaving behind chaos?  Or are you leaving with them hope and love?  In the end is expressing your message of truth going to really be beneficial to you and that person?  These are questions that I have personally asked throughout the past few days since writing the last blog, here is what I have learned.  I would not offer truth unless your intentions are set with honesty, compassion and love.  Will the outcome benefit the both you?  Look at the outcome on both ends for you and the other person with whom you are going to have your discussion with.  Ask yourself is it worth it? Is your intention revenge, jealousy, or to be right?  If so that is not expressing truth in a compassionate way.

On a personal level I recently had someone express his or her truth to me.  I am always open to hearing what someone has to say but in this case I was really put off.  While there was tidbits of truth expressed it was also sugar coated with hurtful words and a complete lack of compassion for who I am as a person or my family.  In the end there was no healing or happiness for me and I am sure not for the other person either.  The words shared by the person were raw and coming from one perspective and while that is fine there was something missing.  No questions were ever asked on what my life has been like, or how I feel about things; there wasn’t a gentle nudge to understand a situation in truth this person offered no hope only despair.  All along coming from someone who I have met only a few times.  So while I bring up again telling your truth you could in return create more harm than good.  From my experience speak from your heart with compassion and pure intentions and love will be able to show you a better way in life.  If someone does offer you their truth and leaves behind a feeling of chaos, despair and lack of love quietly and peacefully let go of them and wish them only love.  I thank this person for telling me their truth because it has led me to write this blog.   Sharing this lesson has taught me to become stronger and even more compassionate for everyone around me.  Speaking truth is a wonderful way to be but without compassion or understanding than you are left with judgment.  With something to think about the choice is always yours…until the next lesson.


Love always…tamara