Lights in the Sky


          This experience had been just a few days ago and I felt the need to share this experience with my followers in hopes to learn, grow and share what is about to come.

The other night I was in our kitchen and felt compelled to go outside to look at the stars.  As I walked outside I noticed a very unique looking star it was large white with a blue twinkle to it.  It never moved but I could feel the energy around it and knew it was there to observe.  Airplanes flew by it while all along it never once moved.  So I returned to go back inside and about an hour later I checked to see if it was still there and it was completely gone.

The following evening again I felt the strong pull to look outside and look at the stars.  As I watched the sun set I intuitively knew which stars were coming up first it was if I knew in what direction to look before they appeared.  This has never happened to me before so I realized I needed to stay and watch the sky.  Once the sky was dark and the stars were out I noticed a giant white ball of light moving very slowly in the Southeast direction of my home.  It was at that moment of observation my husband came outside and noticed this light too.  We followed it with our eyes as it slowly headed East all while plans flew right next to it and passed it.  I kept thinking in my mind, “Those people in that plane must have seen that light.”  All of a sudden the ball of light got smaller turned red and disappeared.  This was not a shooting star or a meteor this was something else.  The energy I felt from it felt so soft and light, it was just beautiful.  I called my mother to share what I had seen and she mentioned that for the past same two days she has seen a triangle formation near her home that resembled the Phoenix Lights formation that happened in 1997.

The reason I am sharing this with all of you is to ask to slowly pay attention to the lights in the sky.  Many things are changing rapidly and things will begin to appear to us that have never been seen before.  There have been an increase number of sightings and experiences from these remarkable lights.  These lights are nothing to fear but to embrace and enjoy for there is more to come.  If you feel the urge to go outside and star gaze I would highly recommend you follow your intuition because our star family maybe wanting to connect with you and provide you with a light show.  If you are not comfortable with that concept then I ask as you read this why are you uncomfortable?  Is it your belief system?  Are your feelings based on fear?  Then slowly begin to process the idea that we are not alone nor have we ever been alone.  We are in transition from seeing the unseen and if you are ready you will begin to see more and experience more.  With something to share and please feel free if you have seen lights in the sky please share as we are all learning together.

Love Always…Tamara


A Plan for Peace

          What does peace look like to you?  How would it change our world?  What would peace feel like?  Can global peace be even possible?  Let us look at our world today many are stepping up and speaking out about issues that are unfair and unjust, which is indeed wonderful and inspiring but then what?  Who is actually making a plan today to make peace happen for our world?  There are a lot of questions!

It is from these questions and more that will lead us all to the answer and that answer comes in one word…EDUCATION and LEADING by example.  It is in educating adults, world leaders, even children that peace will enter our world.  For example the Tri-Lotus Healing and Education Center is just one of many examples of how our world will come to know peace.  It is already set up as a plan to create a peaceful world and it all begins from looking at our selves from the inside out.  This plan starts with children by nurturing their growth in a peaceful environment which they in return will go out into our world sharing that inner peace and become leaders on how to live a much more peaceful life.  It will take time, energy even money but most of all patience for in return it is when these children become adults we will all reap the benefits of peace.  Aren’t you ready for Peace?

While we are all busy nurturing the children of today and those of tomorrow what will adults and caretakers and leaders do?  Where will they go?  What can they do?  Some adults are already planning new greener companies that are thoughtful, giving back to community and are creating a better system that is fair and equal for all employees.  In truth I feel that so many people are being guided and lead in the direction to lead peace back into our world.  Which leads me to the next question, are people ready to hear and listen to how to create peace?  Do they really want it?  Do some even fear it?  It is when we start asking questions that we begin to understand ourselves even more.  What are YOU ready to have happen in our world?

Along my personal journey thus far I have felt the need to ask question after question to the point that it has led me to so many wonderful people who share the same dreams of peace on earth.  Will it take work? YESAm I ready for this?  YES!  Am I ready to let go of the old ways and let in something new and better?  YES!  With that said all I ask is to take a moment and really meditate and go deep within your self and ask these questions and see what feelings come up.  Sometimes it can be harder to let in all the great and wonderful since we are so used to and comfortable with the way things are.  A plan for peace takes change, are you ready and willing to make that change within yourself first?  With something to think about the choice is always yours.


Love Always…Tamara