Lights in the Sky


          This experience had been just a few days ago and I felt the need to share this experience with my followers in hopes to learn, grow and share what is about to come.

The other night I was in our kitchen and felt compelled to go outside to look at the stars.  As I walked outside I noticed a very unique looking star it was large white with a blue twinkle to it.  It never moved but I could feel the energy around it and knew it was there to observe.  Airplanes flew by it while all along it never once moved.  So I returned to go back inside and about an hour later I checked to see if it was still there and it was completely gone.

The following evening again I felt the strong pull to look outside and look at the stars.  As I watched the sun set I intuitively knew which stars were coming up first it was if I knew in what direction to look before they appeared.  This has never happened to me before so I realized I needed to stay and watch the sky.  Once the sky was dark and the stars were out I noticed a giant white ball of light moving very slowly in the Southeast direction of my home.  It was at that moment of observation my husband came outside and noticed this light too.  We followed it with our eyes as it slowly headed East all while plans flew right next to it and passed it.  I kept thinking in my mind, “Those people in that plane must have seen that light.”  All of a sudden the ball of light got smaller turned red and disappeared.  This was not a shooting star or a meteor this was something else.  The energy I felt from it felt so soft and light, it was just beautiful.  I called my mother to share what I had seen and she mentioned that for the past same two days she has seen a triangle formation near her home that resembled the Phoenix Lights formation that happened in 1997.

The reason I am sharing this with all of you is to ask to slowly pay attention to the lights in the sky.  Many things are changing rapidly and things will begin to appear to us that have never been seen before.  There have been an increase number of sightings and experiences from these remarkable lights.  These lights are nothing to fear but to embrace and enjoy for there is more to come.  If you feel the urge to go outside and star gaze I would highly recommend you follow your intuition because our star family maybe wanting to connect with you and provide you with a light show.  If you are not comfortable with that concept then I ask as you read this why are you uncomfortable?  Is it your belief system?  Are your feelings based on fear?  Then slowly begin to process the idea that we are not alone nor have we ever been alone.  We are in transition from seeing the unseen and if you are ready you will begin to see more and experience more.  With something to share and please feel free if you have seen lights in the sky please share as we are all learning together.

Love Always…Tamara



4 thoughts on “Lights in the Sky

  1. V. Smith, Shamanic Practitioner says:

    Wow. That is truly amazing! You are so gifted to be able to commune with Star Travelers looking in on us. I look up once in awhile and I haven’t seen anything profound yet. Maybe I should move to Arizona!

  2. intuitivemothers says:

    Hi V! Not sure if I am gifted but I really believe if we start to pay attention we can all see these lights and converse with the star beings. Just look for the synchronicity in nature and that will guide you plus trust your intuition. SMILE!

  3. Awaken says:

    I saw perfect triangle stars pointing towards me. I don’t know form where it came, but 3 days back i saw a bright cross (4 stars). I just don’t fallow any religion or belief but i got fascinate by watching these stars or spaceships?? No idea, but one thing is sure, stars are changing, except the Orian and its belt is constantly there. I got some sense as the 1st 4 stars in cross, changed their shapes as triangle, leaving one star far but very bright or close to Earth. Any idea??

    • intuitivemothers says:

      Hello, I feel you are being pulled to the stars to remember where you are from. Pay attention to them and do your research because you have our star sisters and brothers helping you at the moment. If you start to see lights, ships and other sightings that is a good indicator you are here to help others who are having these same experiences. Do not be surprised if others cannot see what you see though, smile! Many blessings and congratulations you are on your way! Tamara

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