Everyday as we experience our lives we go through transition, we change we evolve we learn and grow.  However for the past several weeks a new transition has been occurring.  This is something we can not necessarily see all the time but it most certainly is a feeling.  As we approach the 12-21-12 date of what most call the end we are now in a full throttle to release the old and begin the new, this new era is a major transition.

          Personally I have been feeling excitement, anticipation and the words “Finally” seem to come to mind often.  The energy recently seems to be so fast and quick that whenever I even think about it my stomach flip flops from its speed.  It seems almost every few days portals are opening which allows more positive energy to flow throughout our earth.  One of my daughters is in a constant mode of drawing rainbows wherever she goes.  The other day at her preschool she lined up all the children’s names that are on colorful sticks in a pattern that matches a rainbow.  The teacher said in all these years not one child has done that with the sticks.  How wonderfully symbolic to line up children’s names in a pattern of the rainbow! 

          Here in Arizona we just recently experienced an inverted rainbow that is remarkably rare.  This experience is something you would only see if you were to visit the arctic, pretty amazing.  We have also had amazing lights in the night sky’s and a rainbow that shows vertically next to the sun, almost looking like we have two suns shining side by side, again remarkable.  So while none of us truly know what will occur on the date of 12-21-12 I will say all the signs of the rainbows and the feelings of excitement seems to be all pointing in a positive direction.  So look to nature pay attention to how your body is reacting and listen carefully to the children for they all are arrows pointing in the same direction.

With something to think about the choice is always yours!

Love always…Tamara


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