Rainbow Bridge


2013 will be a year to remember although it said that we are in the era of light and ascending into the pure white light of love energy. We will have much to drop off and break away from. There have been times when others have mentioned that peace will begin and it has but it must slowly and cautiously be brought in for it to have staying power. Many are not ready to realize peace and what it has to offer therefore we must be patient.
Light workers must continue to make connections from around the globe and join together in projects, companies and even friendships. This unified front on behalf of all light workers will make the Mother Earth very pleased and easier to work as she cleans herself.
Many have spoken of the staying power of the trees and lights in which it is to bring forth the love of all humanity and wildlife. Creatures from unknown sources will begin to appear as will lands that have been long lost will uncover it’s self once again.
You see 2013 is just the beginning of what is to come. New foundations are forming and the sacred planet of light and love is forming upon you and all over the planet Earth.
There will be dreams of freedom, peace and love that will encourage you along your journey as will people who have come into your life and your family. They are all there to support you on your journey.
Trust the love that is stepping foot now onto your world and know that the rainbow bridge of light and love is slowly becoming a realty to you. It is coming regardless if you wish to look or not. This bridge will carry you to an experience unlike any other. Some of you have already begun building these bridges and are not yet sure how they work for as you built and created you never saw a bridge but the building instead. Your hearts will show you the way when it is time and look for the signs from the love energy and the angels.
There will come a time very soon where you will see these bridges as they are meant to be but until then look know further than what’s hidden inside you. That is the key to unlocking the rainbow bridge of truth and freedom for your soul and your world in which you have chosen to live in. This will unfold to you in time and will become much more clear as this year and the next takes shape. Break away from all that you hold onto, money, politics, materialism and you will start to see the bigger picture. God and his love for you and within you are certainly leading the way and the love will bring paradise and peace to your earth in more ways than one.
Within the next several days it is best to cleanse your bodies and relax your minds. Do not watch television, rest, sleep and hug your families for that is all you truly need. Water and food although is necessary to fuel your bodies water is but only an illusion to what is truly required. Think for a moment when you just stopped eating and drinking, you are holding onto your earthly bodies now begin to slowly step away from this body and manifest your light bodies in perfect form and without wanting or needing nourishment. The only nourishment you need is the love energy. Try this technique for a few hours a day and then progress slowly from one day to the next. This will take practice and time and once you know the difference on how to connect to your light body and your physical body you will then be able to cross the rainbow bridge.
Until next time…
Arch Angel Raphael, Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Sandolphon



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