When we hear the word telepathy most people believe it is something only science fiction writers and movies use as a sort of super power. Well actually telepathy is very present and being activated within our society at a very fast rate. I wanted to share my first experience in telepathic communication that literally brought me to tears. It was just under a year ago when I connected with a mother whose daughter is nonverbal. Her daughter is a world speaker some of you may have heard of her Grandma Chandra. Well when I called to connect with Cat her mother and after I only spoke briefly to her and hung up the phone I began hearing Chandra in my head. I was driving at the time and was so shocked to hear her voice that I burst into tears; it was simply how my body reacted. As I look back on this experience I believed I have always been telepathic but never was truly conscious of this ability. Since my spiritual awakening that occurred around 4 years ago I have had experiences connecting with spirits, dimensional beings, and even other people during the sleep state, never once did I connect that to telepathy.
Since that connection with Chandra I have learned a lot about telepathic communication. I realized very quickly that there were still two sides to Chandra one was meeting her on the soul level and the other meeting her on the human level. Although this beautiful young lady is non verbal she is still living a human life and still has human qualities and interests just like all of us verbal human beings. While Chandra is not Autistic she is a savant and clearly a very talented multidimensional channeler. Since that meeting I have met other mothers whose children have Autism and they all shared with me their way of communicating with their children, telepathy was the key. So many of these mothers who were open to looking at their children from another perspective quickly realized a better way to communicate with their children. While my children are not Autistic it took my experience with Chandra to open me even more to the world of telepathy, for that I am very grateful.
Having shared that experience with all of you telepathy has also lead me to understand what is coming to us in the near future. Our technology has been increasing with every passing minute. Think for a moment about Facebook this system allows us to communicate with just about anyone in the world who has internet connection. We can share pictures, build friendships and even companies just from Facebook alone. Now just for a moment look at Facebook from a spiritual level. It is a system in which we all connect, share, love and support one another much like how telepathy works on the brain level. Could it be that our technology today is leading us into a better understanding of how our brain works? Once we create something on a computer level that then we can begin to activate this same concept within our brains? Facebook and the computer is just a tangible and material manifestation of our brain power. It is mimicking our brains and as we experiment along the way we become programmers of our lives. It could it also be that in the near future we will no longer need computers or Facebook because we will have gotten to a level of understanding how our brains works and our hearts in which we will come to know that is all we need.
So as you can see from the simple topic of telepathy it has brought on lessons from the heart, our world and where we are all headed. The key thing I believe is to remember that as we grow in technology we must also grow along with our Heart center because that is key to who we truly are. With something to think about the choice is always yours!
Love Always…Tamara


7 thoughts on “Telepathy

  1. Marilu Schmier says:

    Thank you for the beautiful explanation of telepathic communication! Though I cannot hear my son, Weston, speak telepathically, your explanation of what it is like to hear others telepathically is very helpful. I am sure your comments will help other parents as well.

    In gratitude,

    Marilu Schmier
    author, Waiting for Weston: A Mother’s Story about Raising a Multidimensional Child

  2. Mary Ann Harrington says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with telepathy. I have had similar experiences with many telepathic individuals with nonverbal autism and have written online articles about the phenomena and telepathic individuals I have met on the way. It changes the way you perceive consciousness. I am so happy you were blessed with this experience and shared it. The more people who come forward with their experience the more we all evolve in our thinking.

    Mary Ann Harrington

    • intuitivemothers says:

      Thank you Mary Ann! I agree if more and more people begin to share their experiences especially with those who have autism and special needs we would begin to how incredible these children truly are. As a side note there is a facebook group called “Gifts of Autism” which is a wonderful community for people who work with or have children with Autism and they too have had many experiences such as telepathy with their children. Many blessings to you Mary Ann!

  3. cosmicdrifter99 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing, it was very interesting. As a novice to telepathic communications I have many many things to learn, so again thank you for helping me along my journey.
    Kind Regards

  4. Mary Ann Harrington says:

    I am trying to collect 100 signatures: Yes, I have experienced or witnessed a form of telepathy with individuals diagnosed with autism. Please sign your name if you have you would like to be added to the list.

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