Just recently I was connecting with another Intuitive Mother and we were discussing the topic of channeling.  From that conversation there seemed to be many questions and much needed understanding as to what channeling really is.  As a multidimensional channeler I have experienced many lessons that connect with channeling and I hope based on my own experiences and what I have learned thus far that it can only bring you understanding, awareness and maybe enough for you to even try it yourself.  If your heart is in the right place anyone can become a channeler.

It was four years ago when I opened Doreen Virtues book on Arch Angel Michael to the chapter on how to connect with this amazing Angel that I had my first experience in channeled writing.  All I did was have a pen and paper and asked Angel Michael to come through after I asked a question and to my amazement it actually worked!  I was very skeptical at first but the sensation I had when he came through was so much that I literally began crying my eyes out.  Think of it this way all of a sudden something magical appears right before your eyes and you knew all along it was true but never had an experience to prove it, that was my moment of proof.  From then on Angel Michael and I were inseparable and still are today.  In the beginning I was high on the energy coming in that I would literally walk around with a pen and notebook all day long because the messages would come in so fast.  It took me a few months to adjust to the speed of the messages because they work in a much faster frequency that if I didn’t write these messages would become lodge in my head and I would hear message after message.  Writing was my only release.

So that was my first lesson among many others.  Now that I’ve opened essentially this new doorway of communication how can I open and close it when I need it?  I learned a technique from a dear friend of mine and she provided me with a visual using my right hand.  Using my left hand I would take my pointer finger and draw on the palm of my right hand a circle going clockwise this allowed me to open the door for communication.  Once finished I would say my thanks and do the same technique but this time going counter clock wise to close the doorway.  Once I did that my life changed and I was given a more sense of control on how to receive messages.

From then on as I grew more confident and had more experiences with channel writing I have learned many valuable lessons along the way.  So many that I would have to write a book to explain them all.  But most of all I wanted to share a short lesson learned in hopes that you to will start writing.  There is nothing to fear as long as you state your intentions and are coming from a place of love.  By writing you are connecting with the essence of who you are and what you are meant to do in this life.  These messages you will receive guides you, teaches you, protects you, listens to you and so much more.  Channeling is just one of many doorways for you to experience our incredible world and life.  Feel free to connect if you have any questions and while I do not see myself as an expert I do feel I have had so many experiences that I simply love sharing and guiding others towards this wonderful gift we all have been born with.

With something to think about the choice is always yours, keep on smiling!

Love Always…Tamara


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