Sharing Channeled Writings: Egypt


Recently on the Intuitive Mothers Facebook Group someone had mentioned why I didn’t share my channeled writings. At first I was shocked because never did it occur to me to share these channeled writings because I felt that these were things we have all heard before. This sweet Intuitive Mother mentioned that she would like to read them. She said, “As it would be nice when more than one person says they are getting the same information. It would give validation like how a scientist would do an experiment over and over to verify their findings.” (Thank you Janice)

In all honesty those channeled writings felt sacred to me as they were answers to all the questions that I had always wanted to understand about life. That’s what channeling is all about connect with the essence of who you are and remembering all that is, was and will be. With that said I am pulling one topic at a time and sharing with you my channeled writings. It may not be perfect or direct truth but it is the truth that I received from within me. When channeling, the Angles pull from my life experiences in order for me to best understand certain topics. Some are from visions, slide show type movements and even symbols therefore I can only share what they show me, interpretation and your feelings are left up to you and what is truthful to you at this time or what you may or not be ready for.

The first channeling I wanted to share with you is about Egypt. Like most people in the world we are all pulled to the energy of the pyramids wanting a deeper understanding as to why they are truly there and how they were built. As a child I had visited an Egyptian museum in what was then called East Berlin however as I looked at the artifacts something just didn’t settle right within me. We even had planned a vacation to Egypt but at the last minute our plane was too full and we were unable to go, I was devastated. So when I had my awakening Egypt was one of the first topics I wanted to know all about and boy did I get a handful of information!

Angel Ariel was the one who took me on this journey of understanding Egypt and I am very grateful to share this with all of you today. Here is our journey together…

Long ago Egypt was not a desert but was a green and lush landscape, filled with fruit trees and wildlife. The pyramids were built using energy and they formed of matter using the mind and body connection. On the outside there were “solar” panels that helped the pyramids to move and levitate. Yes, all the pyramids would float and hover in place, sort of like space ships. It would not be until much later on that people would turn them into graves, they were actually built as space ships. The people during this time were of mixed between colors, races and even from other planets they all lived in harmony and peace. Even us angels could be seen and heard by the people. These pyramids were all connected to one smaller pyramid that seem to connect from underground. If people were to dig underneath and near the center of the pyramid, right underneath they would find a sort of “control panel”. There were power grid systems that connect from underneath and link up to this smaller pyramid. (Ariel begins to draw a picture of the layout of all the pyramids, locations and what one looked like from within) Inside at the top there was a section for those who could “drive” the pyramid the bottom sections were where people could live inside. The pyramid had 4 sections top two for “driving” bottom two for living. Everything surrounding the pyramids and the pyramids themselves were built by humans, angels and aliens together; everyone could see each other, I should include elementals as well to provide you with a better picture. (Ariel begins to draw little homes all around the valley and where the pyramids are today) The homes that people lived in had windows but also what you describe as “solar” panels all over the top. The people knew how to connect with the stars, the sun, and all dimensions. The people would often travel to and from other planets and star systems much like your airports would take you to different countries and states. In truth there was no separation of human and aliens for they were one of the same, there were different kinds much like your races today but still without even blinking people, aliens loved one another for they connected on the heart level at all times. It was a different and peaceful loving way to live and those stories will shine once again.

I hope this short channeling session with Angel Ariel and as you know once you start asking questions it leads into another and another and so that is how my channeling sessions go; jumping from one topic to the next much like a child in a candy store. After this discussion we went on to explore the topic of race and what happened to the culture that lived there and when and how did the pyramids turn into the grave sights we see today. That I can share in the next blog, smile!

With something to think about the choice is always yours.
Love Always…Tamara


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