The Power In Knowing Your Value


Since the school I am developing made a few twists and turns and it appears it is going to take some time and so I started receiving more and more emails from mothers asking questions on the topics of their sensitive children and their awakening process. As I sat smiling to myself it was clear message from our amazing Universe that it was time for me to provide services for women, mothers, children and families. So I had to face something that I have always said that I would never do and that was placing a value on what I do. Imagine placing a mirror in front of yourself and asking the question, “How much is my knowledge worth?” That’s not easy nor was I ever the believer that I would charge for my services but then an AHA moment came to me and it all made sense.

I always felt the energies that bring me messages were so beautiful, easy and free and it’s true energy is FREE. But they also do not live in a physical body which requires food, water and shelter along with time. It was a tough moment for me but then the Angels showed me a vision of all the people I could help and in return they could help me too. I am so consumed with giving and taking care of everyone else that I drop all my needs to help others, that is not healthy nor what the Angels want any of us to do. It was in that realization that I had to work on loving myself more and being comfortable with my value. After that vision I sat down and write down all the work I and experiences I had gone thru, especially in last 4 years. Once the list was complete I was at first astonished at all I had accomplished and learned but that I had worked hard having gone thru those hills and valleys and I had earned that knowledge.

There are two reasons in why I am sharing this with all of you first is that I highly suggest taking the time to make your list of your value. We ALL have value and something to offer the world that is unique and different because you are all unique and different. If we had 10 ladies who were educators they all would be different simply for they all would have their own style, life experiences and different interests. There is enough room for everyone to have value the biggest challenge is admitting that you have some! So I challenge you to take the time to list your value and see what comes out if it, you never know what hidden treasures you have waiting to share.

The second reason I am sharing this with all my readers is that I am gently being guided to come out more and more to the community and I am currently creating a menu of services that I would like to offer to those who need them. I will be holding Intuitive Mothers meet up Forum where we will discuss, share and explore our intuition. Many people are still going thru the awakening process I will be offering Spiritual Awakening Coaching to those who need help, support and guidance with their new abilities. And lastly I thought this might be fun to offer “Spiritual Tea Party’s” and I will be customizing mini group sessions for the mothers that just want to sit and have coffee or tea and ask any and all questions about the topic of spirituality including the too embarrassing ones. Pretty soon I will be launching my new web site that will also include my plans for the school that is in development for Enlightened Children.

I am truly excited to share this next step with all my readers I am grateful for your support and compassion on this journey that I have been taking. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Since the beginning all I ever wanted to do was share and never did I think it would lead to something like this. I am excited for the future especially the future for all of us, thank you!

Love Always…Tamara

Bright Star


When I was walking I heard a voice talking,

It wasn’t quit clear but I knew it was near,

I began to breath and take in the sight
Hoping to see if my dreams would take flight,

It wasn’t until I sat down on a bench outside,
That the voice I heard was coming from deep inside.

It spoke faster with a mission of love and a voice of power,
It felt like it was going 90 miles an hour.

I simply could not deny what was taking place,
I had connected with something I had to face.

For that voice became an image I’ve seen so very often,
It was like I was looking into my own coffin.

It was me all along who was standing there waiting for that connection,
Then as I knew my heart opened with perfect intention.

It grew 10 times it’s original size,
Before I knew it I had to realize.

That I was incredibly powerful filled with so much love and gifts of plenty,
That I was in shock that I could be so much to so many.

It wasn’t that the power was too strong,
It was that I realized I had it all along.

It took so many years for me to understand this voice,
Now I sit facing a choice.

Do I listen, hide or share?
Will others even care?

So I took a leap of faith for this light inside needed to burst,
And I shared, shared, shared for I knew others had this thirst,
For understanding ourselves was what was needed first.

So listen to that voice within and begin to look at who you truly are,
For you my friend are a shining bright star!

Go into the world and shine bright
For you and only you can bring the light!

Love Always…Tamara

Being Good At Life


For about the past several weeks now I have been going thru a major change in my life and rather than skip past all of it and continue with other topics I felt it was important to share this with all of you. Most of you know I have been working with another person in developing a center for children and parents. As time moved on it became very apparent that we were moving in different directions. Our interests, passions and life purpose were all at the fore front in this decision to end our partnership. It has been truly a stressful situation and it wasn’t until now that I was able to share this with all of you. After all the shifting and changes it allowed me to process and understand why the things had to work out the way they did. It wasn’t until we truly had our discussion that we both began to feel once again free and realize we had to release each other in order to do what we are both meant to do. In truth this transition gave us the catapult we both needed to move forward. Had we decided to carry on and deny our feelings for fear of hurting another would never benefit either of us or our purpose to help others.
In sharing this experience with you I hope when the time comes when you realize you are feeling right about something, or that you start to feel like you can’t breath or move forward that is a sign for you to make a change. Once you face your fear many doorways begin to open up for you, they certainly did for me right away. Sure it isn’t easy but once you face your fear you realize the only thing you truly feared was the change. How the other person reacts will only be a learning experience for you in helping you become a better person. The biggest blessing that I experienced is that from having that one very difficult conversation it lead to the both of us feeling much better and it open doorways and a new path for us to go along our way. The only word of advice I would like to offer is to be mindful on how you deliver your message. Be compassionate, thoughtful, choose words that honor the both of you. Remember to breath, relax and know that you are fully supported by many whether seen or unseen, it is a process. From this process you begin to become comfortable with being good at life.
Being good at life is how you face your challenges that come your way. Do you fear them? Do you escape? Do you run away? Or do face them? Do you ask questions for understanding? Begin to shift your thinking into the right brain way of thinking with your facing challenges. What would make you feel better? Does that honor your path or are trying to escape? The biggest thing that I faced was asking the question, what was it that I did wrong? I had to look at myself and learn from the experience so that I could move forward and become better at life, not only for myself but for the people around me. Even if your faults are small still look at them for they are pillars of your strength that you can build from. We are all human sent to learn from mistakes and our strengths and the faster you look at both the better at life you become. For it isn’t about the mistakes or the accomplishments it is simply about the journey. As always the choice is ours and I wanted to thank those of you who have supported the changes in my life and that of my co-founder and in the end we realize this is a new beginning and the way it was meant to be. Personally I will continue on the journey in supporting children and with the curriculum that I have been developing over the past several years. This has been an incredible journey that is still an on going process and my ultimate goal is to provide a space for children and parents to connect and understand the essence of who they are and meant to be. At the moment I am personally proceeding with these plans and would be grateful for your continued support. Remember to go out there and Be Good At Life for the choice is always yours!

Love Always…Tamara

Divine Feminine Energy Matrix~ A Prayer Connection from the Hearts of Women


This past Friday on the Intuitive Mothers Facebook group we met for the first time in a group prayer. I would like to share with my readers this journey that I was taken on in hopes that this experience will allow you to connect within this incredibly powerful energy. We first set the intention to meet on a powerful number 11 for 11 minutes, which set the tone for pure Divine love. Here is the journey that was shown to me.

As all the women connected in a circle holding hands there was a violet flame burning in the middle. While holding our hands together light connected within each and every one of us, it sort of illuminated within our bodies and hands forming a sacred circle of light. We then turned toward one another on a one to one basis and began hugging each other, some ladies cried on another shoulders while others laughed and giggled. I truly wish everyone could see this beautiful picture of pure nurturing and sharing with one another. Then as a group we went to each person and listened to their requests I cannot remember all but I will share that my mother came forward and requested healing for her broken foot and three of the ladies came immediately forward and used healing energy using their hands. Once complete we went back into a circle holding hands and we floated towards this symbol (it was with two triangles one right side up and one upside down overlapping one another) I believe it’s called the Mirkabah but please forgive me if I give the wrong name. As we floated to the center of this powerful symbol of sacred geometry our group began to transform, we seemed to have illuminated this symbol with such strength that I can only describe it as a flashlight turning on and shining onto the world, it was powerful. This light shown onto our world in such a feminine gentle way that it simply felt soft and beautiful and comforting; as this lasted for a few moments in our time it felt like it went on forever. We slowly floated back into our original sacred space with the violet flame still burning we simply thanked one another and came back into our physical bodies feeling healed and much happier.

I would like to thank the ladies who participated in our group prayer and we have now agreed that every Friday we will reconnect with the Divine Energy Matrix for not only supporting and healing each other but to also help heal our world and gently cover our Mother Earth with this divine light energy. In truth what I loved the most about our group prayer was that we all had the best intentions of healing someone else and when that occurred the person who was helping was also receiving without any expectations. This level of service needs to be brought back into our world and we can begin with this exercise once a week for a simple 11 minutes. With purest intentions and connecting with the Divine Feminine Energy Matrix imagine the possibilities of how much we can help heal our world. With something to share

Love always…Tamara

Shared Channelings Egypt Part 2 Race and Culture

As Above So Below

In the last blog I shared with you Arch Angel Ariel’s channeling session in which he describes what the pyramids of Egypt were actually used for. To continue with the topic of Egypt I began asking questions about the many races that lived during that time and I wanted to know when and how the pyramids turned into the grave sites that we see today. Here is what I received through Angel Ariel’s visions, feelings and written words. As always go with your feeling from these words and from that feel within yourself if these words ring truthful. I am not an expert in Egyptology and will never claim to be my purpose is to simply share from what I have been guided to see.

During this time everyone was able to see one another as they truly are Angels, Humans even Aliens, for they all lived in perfect harmony with one another. Humans fell in love with other humans, aliens fell in love with other aliens and of course when there is love there was opportunity for aliens and humans to fall in love for love is just that love no matter what body form you take on. Some humans had the capability to see more than others much like you see and hear me today. The aliens as you call them were no different than what humans are today however they carried with them a different DNA code. This DNA code was different in the form of their sex, they were unisex, meaning they were neither male nor female but both so they had a sort of unique quality and disposition they loved men as well as women and would mate in a way that it would not matter to anyone for there was only love. This DNA code still lives on earth as that is their blood line. Not all gays and lesbians within your communities are Aliens this DNA code runs much deeper than that but many have remained on this earth to keep their DNA alive. The Aliens were of deepest thought in mind, body and spirit and were the most gentle and spiritual beings placed on earth at that time. The Angels and the Aliens work very closely and hand in hand even today.

Eventually there was a shift and as Aliens and Humans mated it began to create hostility much like many mixed races that you see today. There was built up anger within the humans and the first murder occurred. This murder set the beginning of the masculine energy to take form on earth. Many Aliens and even a few Humans left earth and as this male energy increased ego began to take over and wars broke out. The pyramids were sealed and left without the Alien’s power the humans had but no use for them so they created a sacred space for their leaders which came much later. They believed at the time that the Gods (Aliens) left behind these pyramids as a sort of reminder of their division and therefore the leaders in grief wanted to return to the harmony that once was. They built into the ships and created ceremonies to hopefully connect with their ancestors and their Gods once more. There are still many secrets left behind and when the time is right they will be revealed as the feminine energy is once again returning and she will release the powers hidden beneath these ancient relics and ships that you call pyramids.

There is a reason that so many are pulled into the Pyramids power today whether through past lives, or the feeling that something great occurred on that land. The truth is Egypt was one of many spots on our earth that carried the same story. When you look and do your own research pyramids can be found throughout our entire world. The Angels have even share with me how they could travel from one spot on earth to another using these pyramids and sacred portals. These “super powers” are available to us once again very soon BUT before that can even take place many humans on earth need to be in balance within themselves. Imagine the movie “The Last Airbender” if humans were to have fire power, air power, wind power, etc., we could do so much damage to our earth if we do not know how to use these powers correctly. These gifts are only given and open to those who have the capability of true enlightenment and purest intent. We as a society are just now recovering from the masculine energy therefore it will take time to settle and grow strength as the feminine energy encompasses our world once again. So we have to look to our past to see what we are capable for our future but the key is to proceed with mindful hearts and purest intentions and that our egos remain balanced. With something to think about the choice is and always will be yours.

Love always…tamara