Divine Feminine Energy Matrix~ A Prayer Connection from the Hearts of Women


This past Friday on the Intuitive Mothers Facebook group we met for the first time in a group prayer. I would like to share with my readers this journey that I was taken on in hopes that this experience will allow you to connect within this incredibly powerful energy. We first set the intention to meet on a powerful number 11 for 11 minutes, which set the tone for pure Divine love. Here is the journey that was shown to me.

As all the women connected in a circle holding hands there was a violet flame burning in the middle. While holding our hands together light connected within each and every one of us, it sort of illuminated within our bodies and hands forming a sacred circle of light. We then turned toward one another on a one to one basis and began hugging each other, some ladies cried on another shoulders while others laughed and giggled. I truly wish everyone could see this beautiful picture of pure nurturing and sharing with one another. Then as a group we went to each person and listened to their requests I cannot remember all but I will share that my mother came forward and requested healing for her broken foot and three of the ladies came immediately forward and used healing energy using their hands. Once complete we went back into a circle holding hands and we floated towards this symbol (it was with two triangles one right side up and one upside down overlapping one another) I believe it’s called the Mirkabah but please forgive me if I give the wrong name. As we floated to the center of this powerful symbol of sacred geometry our group began to transform, we seemed to have illuminated this symbol with such strength that I can only describe it as a flashlight turning on and shining onto the world, it was powerful. This light shown onto our world in such a feminine gentle way that it simply felt soft and beautiful and comforting; as this lasted for a few moments in our time it felt like it went on forever. We slowly floated back into our original sacred space with the violet flame still burning we simply thanked one another and came back into our physical bodies feeling healed and much happier.

I would like to thank the ladies who participated in our group prayer and we have now agreed that every Friday we will reconnect with the Divine Energy Matrix for not only supporting and healing each other but to also help heal our world and gently cover our Mother Earth with this divine light energy. In truth what I loved the most about our group prayer was that we all had the best intentions of healing someone else and when that occurred the person who was helping was also receiving without any expectations. This level of service needs to be brought back into our world and we can begin with this exercise once a week for a simple 11 minutes. With purest intentions and connecting with the Divine Feminine Energy Matrix imagine the possibilities of how much we can help heal our world. With something to share

Love always…Tamara


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