Being Good At Life


For about the past several weeks now I have been going thru a major change in my life and rather than skip past all of it and continue with other topics I felt it was important to share this with all of you. Most of you know I have been working with another person in developing a center for children and parents. As time moved on it became very apparent that we were moving in different directions. Our interests, passions and life purpose were all at the fore front in this decision to end our partnership. It has been truly a stressful situation and it wasn’t until now that I was able to share this with all of you. After all the shifting and changes it allowed me to process and understand why the things had to work out the way they did. It wasn’t until we truly had our discussion that we both began to feel once again free and realize we had to release each other in order to do what we are both meant to do. In truth this transition gave us the catapult we both needed to move forward. Had we decided to carry on and deny our feelings for fear of hurting another would never benefit either of us or our purpose to help others.
In sharing this experience with you I hope when the time comes when you realize you are feeling right about something, or that you start to feel like you can’t breath or move forward that is a sign for you to make a change. Once you face your fear many doorways begin to open up for you, they certainly did for me right away. Sure it isn’t easy but once you face your fear you realize the only thing you truly feared was the change. How the other person reacts will only be a learning experience for you in helping you become a better person. The biggest blessing that I experienced is that from having that one very difficult conversation it lead to the both of us feeling much better and it open doorways and a new path for us to go along our way. The only word of advice I would like to offer is to be mindful on how you deliver your message. Be compassionate, thoughtful, choose words that honor the both of you. Remember to breath, relax and know that you are fully supported by many whether seen or unseen, it is a process. From this process you begin to become comfortable with being good at life.
Being good at life is how you face your challenges that come your way. Do you fear them? Do you escape? Do you run away? Or do face them? Do you ask questions for understanding? Begin to shift your thinking into the right brain way of thinking with your facing challenges. What would make you feel better? Does that honor your path or are trying to escape? The biggest thing that I faced was asking the question, what was it that I did wrong? I had to look at myself and learn from the experience so that I could move forward and become better at life, not only for myself but for the people around me. Even if your faults are small still look at them for they are pillars of your strength that you can build from. We are all human sent to learn from mistakes and our strengths and the faster you look at both the better at life you become. For it isn’t about the mistakes or the accomplishments it is simply about the journey. As always the choice is ours and I wanted to thank those of you who have supported the changes in my life and that of my co-founder and in the end we realize this is a new beginning and the way it was meant to be. Personally I will continue on the journey in supporting children and with the curriculum that I have been developing over the past several years. This has been an incredible journey that is still an on going process and my ultimate goal is to provide a space for children and parents to connect and understand the essence of who they are and meant to be. At the moment I am personally proceeding with these plans and would be grateful for your continued support. Remember to go out there and Be Good At Life for the choice is always yours!

Love Always…Tamara


2 thoughts on “Being Good At Life

  1. Sharon says:

    Dearest Tamara:
    I am happy to support you in your new adventure on a continuing path. I hope to be able to contribute to this group and enjoy our relationship for many years to come. So, like you I am grateful that the choice to morph in a new direction allowed freedom and wisdom for all. As a coach, I had great respect for how you conducted yourself in the process and I agree with your points about “being good at life”. While I have a few years of practice on you, lol, truly the lesson of connecting to your heart and intuition then facing your fears, sometimes I call them your “red flags”, and facing them as soon as you are able is great insight. Many of us develop a habit of pushing down uncomfortable feelings because of fear and if they stayed down that might be a reasonable method. In my experience the “red flags”, unlike other “passing feelings” don’t stay away; they come back again and again until we choose to face them and risk knowing the information we have feared. If I could be allowed to share an insight, it would be that years can be absorbed by these attempts to deny what we are feeling or sensing thus leaving less time to live free of the fear once it is faced. Life is short and slips by too quickly not to see these “red flags”, or gut reactions for what they are, natural attempts to get our attention focused on something that it is to our benefit to understand. As I have told you before, knowing these things at your age is such a blessing……my generation was much slower to recognize the insight..face it now before fear makes it so large that you choose to escape or deny rather than solve. There are great rewards waiting for all the brave souls who take the risk of looking in the mirror, the universe is an endless treasure trove waiting to support you as soon as you say “yes” to your highest good and the end of fears.

  2. intuitivemothers says:

    Thank you so much Sharon for your insight, patience and of course coaching! You are truly an amazing women and healer and exceptionally talented coach. Although you are tiny in size you are truly larger than life. I am grateful you have come into my life! love always…tamara

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