Bright Star


When I was walking I heard a voice talking,

It wasn’t quit clear but I knew it was near,

I began to breath and take in the sight
Hoping to see if my dreams would take flight,

It wasn’t until I sat down on a bench outside,
That the voice I heard was coming from deep inside.

It spoke faster with a mission of love and a voice of power,
It felt like it was going 90 miles an hour.

I simply could not deny what was taking place,
I had connected with something I had to face.

For that voice became an image I’ve seen so very often,
It was like I was looking into my own coffin.

It was me all along who was standing there waiting for that connection,
Then as I knew my heart opened with perfect intention.

It grew 10 times it’s original size,
Before I knew it I had to realize.

That I was incredibly powerful filled with so much love and gifts of plenty,
That I was in shock that I could be so much to so many.

It wasn’t that the power was too strong,
It was that I realized I had it all along.

It took so many years for me to understand this voice,
Now I sit facing a choice.

Do I listen, hide or share?
Will others even care?

So I took a leap of faith for this light inside needed to burst,
And I shared, shared, shared for I knew others had this thirst,
For understanding ourselves was what was needed first.

So listen to that voice within and begin to look at who you truly are,
For you my friend are a shining bright star!

Go into the world and shine bright
For you and only you can bring the light!

Love Always…Tamara


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