The Power In Knowing Your Value


Since the school I am developing made a few twists and turns and it appears it is going to take some time and so I started receiving more and more emails from mothers asking questions on the topics of their sensitive children and their awakening process. As I sat smiling to myself it was clear message from our amazing Universe that it was time for me to provide services for women, mothers, children and families. So I had to face something that I have always said that I would never do and that was placing a value on what I do. Imagine placing a mirror in front of yourself and asking the question, “How much is my knowledge worth?” That’s not easy nor was I ever the believer that I would charge for my services but then an AHA moment came to me and it all made sense.

I always felt the energies that bring me messages were so beautiful, easy and free and it’s true energy is FREE. But they also do not live in a physical body which requires food, water and shelter along with time. It was a tough moment for me but then the Angels showed me a vision of all the people I could help and in return they could help me too. I am so consumed with giving and taking care of everyone else that I drop all my needs to help others, that is not healthy nor what the Angels want any of us to do. It was in that realization that I had to work on loving myself more and being comfortable with my value. After that vision I sat down and write down all the work I and experiences I had gone thru, especially in last 4 years. Once the list was complete I was at first astonished at all I had accomplished and learned but that I had worked hard having gone thru those hills and valleys and I had earned that knowledge.

There are two reasons in why I am sharing this with all of you first is that I highly suggest taking the time to make your list of your value. We ALL have value and something to offer the world that is unique and different because you are all unique and different. If we had 10 ladies who were educators they all would be different simply for they all would have their own style, life experiences and different interests. There is enough room for everyone to have value the biggest challenge is admitting that you have some! So I challenge you to take the time to list your value and see what comes out if it, you never know what hidden treasures you have waiting to share.

The second reason I am sharing this with all my readers is that I am gently being guided to come out more and more to the community and I am currently creating a menu of services that I would like to offer to those who need them. I will be holding Intuitive Mothers meet up Forum where we will discuss, share and explore our intuition. Many people are still going thru the awakening process I will be offering Spiritual Awakening Coaching to those who need help, support and guidance with their new abilities. And lastly I thought this might be fun to offer “Spiritual Tea Party’s” and I will be customizing mini group sessions for the mothers that just want to sit and have coffee or tea and ask any and all questions about the topic of spirituality including the too embarrassing ones. Pretty soon I will be launching my new web site that will also include my plans for the school that is in development for Enlightened Children.

I am truly excited to share this next step with all my readers I am grateful for your support and compassion on this journey that I have been taking. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Since the beginning all I ever wanted to do was share and never did I think it would lead to something like this. I am excited for the future especially the future for all of us, thank you!

Love Always…Tamara


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