The Cocoon Child


On Monday evening after heading home from Seed Spot I came into my beautiful home to a loving husband who had built a comforting fire and a great dinner. I went to each of my girls kissing their heads hello but could not find my sweet little boy. As I went to each room in the house my heart started to race faster and faster, soon I raced to my husband and asked, “Where’s Henry?” With a look of surprise my husband quickly checked every room, cabinet, closets we could both think of. Within the same moment both our hearts dropped to an abyss that I prayed that we would never meet. My husband raced outside in the rain with no shoes no shirt and boxer shorts calling our child’s name and I raced to the phone to call 911. Our poor sweet daughters standing crying and calling their brothers name, left my heart sinking even further. Crying and on the phone the sweetest man answered and helped me to remain calm and as stable as I could possibly be within that moment. Less than 5 minutes later 3 police officers came into our home searching our home with a flashlight while 2 others comb our neighborhood. Meanwhile my dear sweet husband is literally running up and down streets yelling and checking every lake and pool near our home. Our neighbors most certainly thought my husband had lost his mind. So with him running along the golf course and I on the phone and our three sweet daughters crying together and one peeing her pants and our two dogs barking at the officers it was at that moment I felt I had popped out of my body. The craziness of the scene seemed unreal and such a shock that I could not believe what or why this was happening. Finally, after 10 minutes of searching our sweet little four year old boy was found nestled along a couch in our master bedroom completely covered by a neatly folded feather bed. He had never fallen asleep in this spot ever, it was very weird. This child was so far deep in his sleep that he did not even budge in hearing his name. He was the cocoon child in a blissful, peaceful sleep. With much gratitude to those police officers and the 911 phone operator for our story could have easily had a different ending.

From the stress and shock of what had occurred it left our entire family shaking and sleeping closer that evening. Before falling asleep that night we sat in a circle and prayed together and my husband and I felt an overwhelming feeling of all the families who are still waiting to find their missing child. To be honest I am and we are still recovering from this situation but as the days have passed and in sharing what had happened with other mothers I noticed that we were not alone in this story, apparently a lot of us have had the dread of a missing child but only for a few minutes, thankfully only for a few minutes. So why did this happen? Why now? A dear friend of mine helped to receive the message that I had waited to hear.

After her initial laughing, the idea of my husband running up and down the neighborhood with nothing but his boxer shorts was enough to make anyone laugh. It reminded me that we received the gift in finding our sweet son and that laughing allowed us to heal. But there was also a bigger picture to this experience that affects us all and here was the message given by my dearest friend.

Based on the craziness of your husbands reaction and that of your household it was very symbolic in how we as a society react to the conditioned world that we live in. But there nestled in the soft surroundings of a peaceful innocent child was the reaction to the world we are supposed to be experiencing. Yes, our world needs fixing and yes there are changes taking place too numerous and powerful for our finite minds to understand, however God is telling us to have the faith of this precious little boy who slumbered while the world went crazy around him. I want to be like Henry!

To hold the faith like a child is key to how we could be living our lives, it was a very big message indeed. I hope in sharing this story that this allows you an opportunity to take in this message and allow it to settle within you for a while. Could it be so simple? Could we have a life in just holding a peaceful cocoon of faith around ourselves? With something to think about the choice is always yours.

love always…tamara