Be Still

This is a recent message that I received and wanted to share with all of you. As I drove my children to school I kept seeing the letter Y everywhere. I even saw on the back of a license plate that read YYY on it and nothing else. So I came home took a deep breath and this is the message I received.

There comes a point in your life where you must sit in the present



The feeling of being stuck or forced to sit still is




Let go and release any expectations



You will know when to begin moving again when you feel



a sense of a new direction even if you do not know where you are facing yet


These Y’s show up to represent your life change

a new direction

a better option

a peaceful option for you and your family


Have Faith

Let Go

JUMP into
White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Purple Lights

That are so soft and gentle when passing along your body

Absorb their vibrations

Absorb their Loving healing


Let go…

Everything is as it should be and what is around the corner is a


love always…Tamara

Trusting Life


For a few weeks now my husband and I have been going thru a major transition, I have had to place everything on hold in order to focus all my attention in my home life. As many of you know we have gone thru a rough time financially from loosing a home to forging ahead in regaining balance within our home. These 4 years have been the toughest years of my life but with it has come so many new experiences and lessons that how could I not be so grateful. We have learned to except help from strangers, when to ask for help and when to release and cry when it is necessary. I am truly grateful for all the new friendships that have crossed our paths and I am amazed at how many are simply willing to help. While everything is not perfect and these are our lessons I thought it was necessary to share this hardship with all of you because we all have gone thru tough times. Thankfully we are simply facing financial and not health problems with our children, it could always be worse so to that I am grateful!

We often hide our difficult times for fear of rejection or judgement. Appearing weak and not fitting in is what often captures a lot of Americans in our country today. I openly share because I know I am not alone, I know we all have hard times, and I know we need each other. Life throws curve balls but they also come your way because God sends them as gifts for you and your family. Now do I wish they were softer curve balls Absolutely! But they are lessons for us to understand who we are from within. Had we not gone thru our financial hard times I would have never understood the compassion of others coming up to help or to listen. We learned who our true friends were, family members stepping up to help even though it affected them too, to also realizing that strangers we never met who just gave to those who needed it most. We have been humbled by our experiences, it has made us stronger and it has open a doorway of understanding and compassion.

We are now at a crossroads where decisions have to be made and my husband and I need to make changes, if you can please send us your prayers for fairness and what is rightfully ours for I think it is time to ask for help from all of you. Asking was one of the hardest things I have had to learn even it is seems so simple as in a prayer. Ask people who are around you for prayers, let’s help each other thru prayer. Prayer and connecting with the Divine within you helps to maintain balance in a storm of stress and changes. Releasing all those burdens and maintaining a healthy balanced perspective goes a long way, I am still in the throws of this situation but the lessons that are poping up I need to share.

The biggest surprise I have had was my connection to a chapel/church. I was always a bit cautious of churches and always believed in praying in nature more than a church. But these past few years I believe I was shown another perspective, there is a community, groups prayers, support, love and guidance for all. These were the aspects of life I had been missing all along. Churches are simply rainbow bridges connecting us with the Divine energy, I finally have gotten to that place of understanding. A dear friend of mine mentioned that it was time to choose a mentor an Ascended Master and Jesus is the one who appeared. In his white rope and holding a book with a cross on the top I was overwhelmed by his loving nature. Visions began showing up and I realized how truly grateful I am to even see him in this way. Being intuitive is a blessing that I will never take for granted. I have decided to hold off on many things in my life to focus on my children, my husband and our home life. I realized I need to learn much much more within myself. I am going to be taking a journey with my mentor and seeing what lessons will arrive to help me and my family.

I felt very strongly in sharing all of this with you because I feel it is important to share our journeys with each other. It is ok to take care of yourself and you should, especially if you are a mother after all you affect your children. Taking time out to reflect is important and it may lead you on a better path for you and your family. Nothing is constant and learning to trust life with it’s many hills and valleys is why we are all here. I hope in sharing this with all of you that it helps you as well to reflect, face changes with trust and learn to let go when things know longer work to your benefit. Ask for prayers, hug each other, lean on each other, cry and release, and know you are never alone. Regardless of what you are facing right in this moment God knows exactly what he is doing for he is doing it for you not to you! With something to think about the choice is always yours, keep on smiling.

love always…Tamara