The Power of Forgiveness


There comes a time in everyone’s lives when we reach a point of letting go that know longer serves us. In that moment of realization God shines his flashlight on a situation or a person in which all can be seen and revealed. I had such an experience and I was truly grateful because it brought me to a deep understanding of true forgiveness. There have been times when I have met people and began to see unsettling things or saw unkind words or actions, but I had always quickly stepped away and never spoke to that person and allowed it to become unresolved. To put it simply I was avoiding them and the conflict. My recent experience was different this time in that once again I came across a person who exhibited behavior that was hurtful and what I would describe as not fully awake to who they truly are. So why was this situation different? How did I understand forgiveness without feeling the need to “change” the person to receive the results and expectations I so longed to see?

It was never about changing the person to see my perspective, trust me I tried that throughout the years, it doesn’t work. This time I changed! Yes, the light bulb turned on and I finally got it, took me a while but I understand now what full forgiveness felt and acted like. It was my reaction, my thoughts, my feelings that would allow any situation to heal and forgive. During this time of pain and searching for how to resolve this situation the movie Ben Hur found me in the library. I had watched it so many times with my father as a child that I picked it up and took it home with me to watch. Sitting watching the movie I began to see clearly the message of forgiveness and how it played out for Ben and facing forgiveness for a far worse issue compared to my less than dramatic problem. From watching the movie I was clearly being guided and shown by my angels as to how to forgive, it was if the light bulb flashed on and I had my aha moment.

To truly forgive someone or something you must first look within yourself. You will never change a person or situation but you can forgive and take in the experience of self reflection and self worth. Love yourself to know what does not best serve you. Begin to question who you keep company with, choose those who are role models of kindness, love and honesty. If that is what you desire that is what you should surround yourself with. Regardless of how badly you think the person is or how they treated you forgive, for they truly do not see it. For those who are awake speak and act of love, kindness and compassion. For those who are still sleeping be patient with them for it is sad that they have not found out about their true selves and their beauty. They are not demonic or evil as some people might think, just mislead by their own sleeping illusion. Regardless of how mean or reactive they become hold your space to what is true in love and kindness and no matter what they do their choices are their choices not yours. I have felt sadness, compassion and I did pray for their awakening, I would suggest sending them love not anger for that fuels them even more. Trust that God will handle any situation just as long as you release and forgive within yourself, it is truly that simple.

About two years ago a sentence was given to me by the Angels and they said it so perfectly that I must share it with all of you today. They said…

Love and Compassion is all you need
especially to those who greed

Greed can come in many forms so with that said forgiveness is a choice from within you, it always has been. Once you make that choice you will feel a new sense of freedom and a true release appears in your life along with a sense of a new chapter beginning for you as you have learned from your experience. So please take the time to reflect upon a person or situation that you may have a hard time letting go. Love yourself to release it with prayer and forgiveness because it can hold you back from your deepest truest self which is of pure divine love. The choice is always yours..

love always…Tamara


One thought on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. Bird says:

    beautiful clarity Tamara and amazing to find answers in the most unlikely of places, I love how personal growth helps change perspective when we truly cannot change others 🙂

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