Divine Sisterhood

(Over the weekend my children were outside our house and in the dirt they found this beautiful Rose Quartz perfectly shaped as a Heart)

Growing up as a little girl in Germany I had a small group of girlfriends that I would always hang out with but as the years went by and we all moved away I noticed it became harder and harder for me to connect with women. Was it me? Why was it always dramatic or competitive? Boys were a lot less complicated or more interesting to talk to. It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening and becoming a mother that I noticed a shift within my friendships. As my old friends dropped off new friends started to appear and they are much deeper spiritually and respectful of whom I am. I have thought for so long that it must be me but never did I consider that it was my choices in picking friends and quite possibly my age and maturity that really made all the difference.

That is part of the reason why I began the Intuitive Mother meet ups, because it allows spiritually based women to come together to talk authentically and share. It wasn’t until recently that I have begun noticing another beautiful aspect in finding soul sisters and that was support. When we call each other or Facebook message one another we lift each other up. All those thoughts that remain in our heads, all of our concerns or spiritual experiences that just sit with us become released. By resting our heads on one another and allow ourselves to learn from one another knowing when to be the teacher and when to be the student, the universe offers us the beautiful dance of ying and yang energy that fulfills and benefits the friendship. It is how friendships were meant to be.

I believe very strongly that women for far too long have often competed with one another, relied too heavily on materialism that has often overshadowed our true feminine beauty and grace. Part of what I do is offering that connection in allowing and respecting the person that I am speaking with to be whom they are meant to be without judgment. It is often times my own judgment or insecurities that pop out and that I must face, which is a wonderful learning opportunity. That is the reason so many of us women haven’t had deeper friendships growing up, we are not often encouraged to look within ourselves and why we feel insecure. Facing insecurity is facing your own ego. When we begin to face ego rather than listen and follow it women begin to see one another’s gifts. The best part about these new meaningful friendships are the sharing and learning that takes place. We know we are never alone, we realize that we are loved, but most of all we begin to love and understand ourselves that much more.

A divine sisterhood connection is a new kind of friendship one that is rich with empathy, strength, empowerment and love. For the past several days now the Angelic energy has strengthened within me and I felt the pull to adjust and enlign myself from within that best serves our feminine energy. We are all feeling this pull to become enlightened from within and from that will come great gifts and secrets that you never knew lived inside of you. We are all in this together and whether we realize it or not we are all going thru it together. I watched a wonderful movie called Epic last night and there is a line in the movie that just fits so perfectly well with this post. They say, “We are all one tree. We each are our own leaf unique and individual yet we are all connected to one tree.” So while we embrace our gifts that God has divinely activated within each and every one of us in order for our “tree” to remain healthy and standing we must not ever lose sight that we are all connected. Whether sisterhood or brotherhood we are all related beautifully unique and filled with purpose. Thank you for reading and with something to think about the choice is always yours.
Love Always…Tamara

Anxiety and Spirituality


For the past several weeks I have been personally experiencing a lot of anxiety. I would wake up feeling ill or simply just not right even though I was physically alright. I noticed that my night travels were becoming more intense but not exactly sure as to why or what I am doing. As the weeks progressed I noticed I would get very unbalanced when I was in a store surrounded by many people, to the point where I thought I was either going to get sick or pass out. The energies recently have felt more intense and something around us all has shifted and shifted within us as well.

It is when things are shifting we are forced to look at things that are making us unbalanced. For example our diet, something needs changing in order for you to regain your balance. Our environment and when and where you choose to go and what time can make all the difference, especially for those who are very sensitive to crowds. Another factor is taking the time to take care of you, most mothers can relate to this as we typically place our children and spouses ahead of ourselves. Usually around the summer time when the children are home and camps and schedules start to run the house hold things can become unbalanced when you do not take into account the factors I previously mentioned.

Being as sensitive as I am I felt I had a pretty good hand on how to best handle my sensitivities but this time the anxiety really hit me hard. It forced me to stop everything that I was doing and take a look within, spirit has a funny way of knocking you down to get you to finally listen sometimes, let’s just say it got my attention and I was grateful. So I started to do some research and asked other intuitive mothers on what they use and I came up with a plan for myself. Being in my mid-thirties and as many women know our hormones change, we change and that must be considered and looked at regardless if we are highly sensitive or not. So I made an appointment with my doctor along with taking Bach remedy Star of Bethlehem, Passionflower and Magnesium and literally by the second day the anxiety had completely lifted. Now do I recommend this for everyone-No but I do suggest looking within yourself and asking your higher self what feels right for you. I have also begun changing my diet which is taking out sugar and going gluten free; it does take time and practice for change.

Anxiety can very much be linked to your Spiritual self and I do believe it is used as our sensory guide to show us that something is not right and change needs to occur, the wonderful thing is once you know what those changes are you have the power to fix it yourself. I recently share what I was going thru with another intuitive mother and she welcomed me to share her story with all of you. She was struggling with balancing her hormones and decided to go to a naturopath. She used a serum by Young Living called Progessense Plus every day. It utilizes wild yams to help with progesterone deficiency. For several months and she also used a natural progesterone cream on days 14-28 of her cycle. She has sense weaned off the cream and now just uses the prog. + serum and will hopefully wean off of it over the next few months. This was all under the care of a naturopath though who helped her figure out what was off and what she needed.

Whether it is anxiety, hormones or both we as women have so many options and things available to us now that helps us to become healthy balanced, whole, spiritual beings. Best of all we as intuitive mothers have the power to look within our higher self and make the necessary changes. Thank you very much for reading this post and while I know this is not typically what I often share I felt it was very necessary in order to show that you are never alone and especially as women we need to support one another and most of all share our struggles and our successes.

Love Always…Tamara
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