Healing with Your Angels


There are pockets within our lives when life seems to be out of control. Recently and for the past several months I have personally felt this shift on a physical level. As I share with other mothers I quickly realize so many are having physical symptoms. Many are finding tumors, cancer, tiredness, stress, anxiety to the point where I have had to avoid the question of “How are you?” so that their news wouldn’t shake my vibration. Does it not feel like it’s been too much? Where has the happiness gone? Why are so many going through such hard times? And the biggest question for me has been what do I need to learn from this experience right now?

On a personal level I have been feeling sick on and off for the past several months to which everything seems to check out just fine with the doctors and more than likely it falls into the category of stress. It was in one night that I literally was brought to my knees in pain that I called upon Arch Angel Raphael to heal my body. Ever since then and with each day I take a step by step approach to healing from within. The Angels have shared with me that like many we are shedding our karma from past lives along with forgiving ourselves for current situations. That word FORGIVENESS came up a lot every time I would pull an oracle card for myself. What were they trying to say with that? You would think forgiveness would be an obvious word to embrace and release but it wasn’t until I received the book Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to be loving instead of “Too Nice” by Doreen Virtue that the word forgiveness was much larger than I had anticipated.

Like so many people especially women we want to help, support, lead and nurture anyone and everyone but we so often forget about ourselves. What we think is helpful through our actions can actually be very harmful to ourselves and the person we think we are trying to help. Doreen Virtue mentions that our intentions need to be looked at carefully and that our “too nice” approach often creates an unhealthy situation to our bodies causing so many health issues. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who keeps having persistent health issues because a large part or rooting part of why they appear may just be caused by you and your intentions.

The Angels have been such an incredible support for me these past few months along with some dear Earth Angels that I would like to kindly thank for being in my life. Life sometimes gives us some curve balls but they always offer us a lesson. This has been a very deep and inner healing experience for me that it made me go so far deep within myself that I literally became a hermit within my own home in order to face and heal what I was avoiding, myself!

The Angels have asked me to share one message with all of you…
Like the winds change is upon each and every one on this planet at all times. Mirrors reflecting, the sun and moon shining exposing your shadows, all meant to face yourself. It is when we begin to ask ourselves questions that we can better offer you guidance and leading you to our answers that you seek. Trust is a word not to be taken lightly as healing can come in many different directions such as a book, a friend, a stranger, or a doctor. Healing always comes from the place to where you originated from, your soul. Your soul asks for you to face who you are so you can be who you are on this planet at this time. Listen for our whispers look for our signs as we around you at all times. Embrace this new found freedom and the relationship with yourself for the deeper you go the deeper you will know why we all are here, expressing love and kindness and all things new. Adventure excitement and joy are your new words in life now take that leap of faith and begin to fly! We love each and every one of you with all of our being. Ask for help and we will offer you hope and remember healing can come from many places.

Thank you for reading Intuitive Mothers.

Love Always…Tamara


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