Spiritual Awakening~ It is time to make Changes!


When you hear the word CHANGE, how does it make you feel? Do you embrace it and are excited by change? Or does your body completely tense up and you start to worry? Change is constant within our Universe and while some changes are easier than others they certainly can be a lot easier to manage when you don’t resist and go with the flow in life.

There are so many people interested in the Spiritual Awakening Symptoms that I have asked the Angels for guidance and to expand more on this topic to offer better support.

Change is among all especially at this moment in time on Earth. It can feel as though life as we know it is falling apart however these shifts and changes have been with perfect precision to support all of you in your awakening and cleansing of your emotional and physical body. It is not easy for many as you have resisted change. When you know longer fear of what is hidden beneath your subconscious mind you begin to release all the weight you have carried throughout your many life times and that of your DNA. You may have heard of other lightworkers reprogramming DNA or sending out vibrational changes to your DNA in order to best serve you and your physical body during these changes. They are actually doing their part to support your Spiritual Awakening.

Whether you realize it or not your DNA is constantly changing, evolving and shifting into a new type of human embodiment. Look at your Spiritual Awakening as a promotion. So many of you are facing challenges, stress, deadlines, schedules that life feels like it is out of control and it is! Add the shifts and changes coming from your soul calling out for you to Stop and look at the real reason you are here on this planet. This is a sign from the divine and your Angels to stop, feel, listen and you are fired from your old life! Being fired can never be a great feeling for anyone but what God has in store for you is actually a promotion. You are becoming your own boss for your life. There isn’t someone else telling you what to do anymore, you are basically forced to look at yourself now and say “Why am I here on earth? What am I supposed to do?” This is where the topic of your life purpose comes in and you begin to question your life experiences and ask yourself the why questions. Most importantly you are feeling like you need to change things but for the better. Whether it’s your diet, how respond to people, how you feel towards others, even doing a job that offers you joy.

This doesn’t happen overnight it will take time and action on your part and yes mistakes will be a part of this process too. Mistakes are actually blessings and arrows pointing your way towards your life path. However if you remember to ask for help and guidance from your Angels a lot of your mistakes will be a lot less painful and easy to move on from. So keep in mind as you are figuring out your direction be sure to remain connected from within as you have an incredible amount of resources and support from the Universe.

Spiritual Awakenings are not easy and at times I feel as though I am looking around my life and saying to my Angels, “Really? Could you add more on my plate?” said with sarcasm of course! Usually this is done with a laugh on their part and me whining along the way. But nevertheless your Angels are there and they know exactly how they are to support you during your shifts and changes. It is when you become in-sync with your Angels that your life starts to take shape and you begin to gain confidence from within and you feel like saying to yourself, “Ok, I got this. I can do this.” It takes courage to take that leap of faith into a change that you and I are so unfamiliar with. Hidden underneath there is a sense of excitement too as if to say things are going to get so much better as I make a step each day to my life purpose or my new promotion!

Spiritual Awakenings are not meant to be done alone so please find a trusted friend or person who is on the same wave length as you are and support one another. This is why I also created Intuitive Mothers so we can all come together and share. So I highly recommend finding a group or a person to start supporting and sharing and if you don’t feel like you have that option pray to your Angels and they will certainly take care of that for you. Simply say, “Dear Angels please help and support me with my spiritual awakening. I ask that you send me the best possible person and experiences my way to support my highest good. May this exchange of energy be a balanced relationship of giving and receiving for anyone who comes into my life. Thank you and I will honor and listen for your guidance.”

With that said it is clear that many of the readers are asking for more support about their Spiritual Awakenings and I am more than happy to offer more articles on this topic. If you have questions or would like to know about a certain part of your own Spiritual Awakening please simply ask. Chances are you are not alone and know question is embarrassing. I need to hear from you so that I can offer more support to the readers and others going through their Spiritual Awakenings. I will be working with the Angels on a series of Articles that will support these shifts and changes.

Until next time, thank you for reading Intuitive Mothers.
Love Always…Tamara


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