Angelic 2014 Forecast


Here is a year outlook from the Angels; it looks like it is going to be interesting. I decided to go month by month to make it easier for us all to understand how the year will flow. As you read this and feel that the angels are speaking directly to you it is because they made it personalized for you, be sure to save this somewhere and reread as the year goes along. As always thank you for reading and most of all thank you Angels for allowing me to share your message of hope and love for 2014.

In the month of January it looks like it is going to be a very busy month so be sure to take on a playful approach. Since it is the start to a New Year the Angels ask that we bring in family harmony and place past issues behind us and except more love. This is the time to let it go and start anew. Overall this month will busy with many cleaning up after the holidays. This means cleaning house, cars, job anything you feel that is need of cleaning do it this month because this will allow for new and clearer energy to move into the new space that you did manage to clean. Sort of like out with the old and in with the new. So purge and make room for all that love! This is also the month of Green which in this case came in as fairy energy, which means Abundance. There will be an abundance of energy for everyone to absorb during this time so be open to accepting this wonderful energy and pay attention to the small gifts that fall at your doorstep.

In this month whatever challenges that come your way the Angels ask that you take a sensible approach and deal with challenges in a kind and understanding manner. Here is that word again Abundance, but in this case there will be an abundance of New Ideas that are going to be coming in so work on it, write it down as you are on the right path. The Angels shared that we are in a world of change so enjoy the treasures that fall out from this change, smile. As you can see both January and February have a key word here at that is abundance as it flows from one month to the next. Enjoy it!

March will bring in a new phase which can mean meeting a new person or starting a new relationship romantic or friendship. Many of us will be facing new emotions that many must face and overcome within. The Angels offer this reasoning, so that it helps you become the true you. Show the world who you are really are and what you were born to do. There is a lot of Blue Energy for this month of February which indicates Archangel Michael is really working with many of us during this shift of emotions and will be helping every step you make to become who you are meant to be. This ground work will set the stage for a later time so if you face these new emotions head on rather than shying away or ignoring them it will serve you better in the long run.

It’s Success time! This month will bring in new opportunities also emotional healing of the heart will take place this month. Can you feel that energy, wow! Success can mean many things but in this case success here means that you find a new opportunity that will bring you greater happiness. This is also a month covered in Green Energy so we have both Arch Angel Raphael helping this month in healing hearts but we also have that fairy energy of abundance coming through again. Overall this feels like a truly happy month for many of us and the angels are showing me happy hearts bouncing up and down. Not sure about all of you but this is making me smile as I just write this!

Arch Angel Raphael is going to carry over into this month as well with healing and nurturing intimate relationships. Relationships seems to be a key word here so pay attention this month on those closest to you and who you choose to have in your life and who you choose to part ways with. The Angels ask that you carefully weigh your decisions by trusting relationships around you as they’ll offer guidance from the earth angels. This is also a good time to focus on health. Arch Angel Raphael is coming in and sharing that Good Health should be a good reminder for us all. Remember to go outside take walks, start going to a yoga class whatever it is Raphael is gently nudging us to stay in good health. This is a beautiful turquoise month mixed with blue Archangel Michael and Green Archangel Raphael.

In this month there seems to be a key word here and that is balance, the balance of mental and emotional. Unicorns are also leading the way this month which means in a situation it is important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved. If you need advice from a third party look for a person who’s at the top of his or her field, especially in intellectual areas such as law, science or business. Remember the key word here is balance so whatever the situation may be do the best you can to remain balanced and that your situation should be resolved in balance for all involved. From that a healing will take place or it will be on its way.

It’s decision time! Emotions will be prevalent here so do the best to remain in balance but this month is about making a decision. The Angels ask that you stop procrastinating and finally make a decision. Do not allow others to coerce in your dreams and know in your heart what is the right choice. The number 7 came up here three times as I pulled cards which are a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity so make a decision and see what magic unfolds for you. If you were in need of an answer in a number this is that number so pay attention here if that pertains to you, smile!

August will have a lot going on and thankfully for many there is a content rewarding family life and that there are trusting relationships circling you. However, the Angels are showing me some World Energy here as there are emotional things that are going to occur worldwide. For those of you who are very sensitive to global energy just remember you are never alone and to accept help from others. This is why we have family and trusting relationships built up around us so that we can support one another. If you feel you do not have that support call upon the angels and they will guide you to those who can help you, just let go and trust that guidance. The Angels ask that know matter what is going on in the world do not lose sight of the blessings in your life and remain in balance as there is a bigger picture here.

Much like August September will also be about emotions. However rather than this coming from world energy this will be a shift from within. Spiritual growth and emotional growth will be occurring and from this shift this will allow your wishes to come true, so this a great gift for you and those around you. By going through this shift and growth this will open what your heart has been longing for and it is getting closer each day so hold on.

September will blend in with October in that the focus of an inner shift will still be prevalent. Archangel Haniel pronounced (Hawn-ee-EL) will be around this month and she is helping with clairvoyance. This month brings in the self-discovery of Intuition. Reading about new topics and remaining open to new ideas will be important here. The Angels share that by releasing any negativity the answers to your questions will shine through. For those of you who are connected to their intuition this is a great reminder to learn new things and ideas that open you more to the inner self, challenge yourself this month and learn something new. Intuition is a key word here this month so have fun!

This month will be about emotions. The new relationship possibly the one you established since May will continue to grow closer as a friendship or as a romance. The Angels are also sharing that positive resolutions to past conflicts will occur to due to forgiving. They also ask that you recharge and simplify your life as this month carries with it a busy time of year. Overall this will be a fast paced month so take time to slow things down and don’t forget to simplify as this will help greatly.

Much like November emotions will be a part of December as well considering the Holiday season. The number 4 stands strong during this month which is a strong message that the Angels are with you and that they reassure you that they’ve heard your prayers and are helping you. Reevaluate your situation because you may be missing an opportunity. Open your eyes look at the good things that you already have in your life, also accept help from others. They also offer the support in making baby steps for change. When you break something down into tiny pieces and within each day make small steps towards your goals and dreams, they will become more approachable.

I am one who wishes to focus on light and love from the Angels. Predictions for the year can be a challenge as things often change and shift. So I am going to share what I have seen for the purpose in hoping that all of you will join me in prayer that the best possible outcome will occur for everyone. So whatever happens peace and love comes to the forefront and who knows maybe with our prayers we can shift the outcome into a more peaceful occurance rather than one of devastation and pain. As you read these please follow each one with the prayer~ into love and light. As if we are dumping each vision into love and praying for the best possible outcome, thank you.

~South America specifically Brazil will be all over the news…into love and light
~Government turn around specifically in the United States and the UK…into love and light
~Taxes, there is a shift with how people are going to be taxed…into love and light
~Global shift and dynamic among certain religious groups more of a coming together and groups joining together…into the love and light
~Biblical story will occur in fact, will make others realize and question where we come from…into love and light
~US economy will rise while aspects will decline…into love and light
~Water will become a major issue in some parts specifically drinking water due to cleanliness…into love and light
~Middle East will have very large Earthquakes at least 3 of them…into love and light
~China dictator rising into more power than he already has using large weapons…into love and light

May the Angels watch over all the children of the world, bless the food and water and help those to become Awakened so that they realize we are all one and light of LOVE, thank you!

As you can see 2014 will be an interesting and beautiful year! The first six months will focus on abundance and feels very strong and as we move into the second six month period emotional and powerful global and inner shifts will take place. As we awake each day for another beautiful gift called life by simply allowing to take a first step of gratitude it can shift and change your day and even your entire year. It is always up to you to have a wonderful year, a challenging year, and an outstanding year know matter what happens. The choice is always up to you so why not make it a great one! With many blessings for 2014 thank you for reading and thank you Angels for guiding us, protecting us and loving us each and every moment that we are here on Earth! Happy 2014 Everyone!

Love Always…Tamara

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Why Seek Guidance in Your Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual Awakening is something that changes and shifts within you. You begin to explore a deeper understanding of who you are and the world around you. You begin to ask many questions and you begin to understand and feel the world in a whole new way.

So how is it helpful to connect with someone like me who can offer support? More times than not most of you who have awakened are uncertain on how to maintain the level of openness that comes with Spiritual Awakenings while others seek their next step on what they are meant to do on this earth. Either way Spiritual Awakenings are an ongoing never ending process with so many twists, turns and lessons.

By offering support this allows the person who is experiencing an awakening that they are not alone, that someone understands what it is they are going through. When I work with the angels they offer beautiful visuals on projects that many of you are meant to be working on. I must share that the visions that I see for so many are exciting as they will transform our world. There are so many healers, leaders, pioneers in the mix today that I am overwhelmed with how much support there is being set up within us all that I know with all my heart that Peace will be able to penetrate and reign within our world.

That is why we are all here especially those who are seeking guidance within their spiritual awakening you must find your passion and allow it to explode with love into our world. Yes if it feels like I am talking directly to you it is because I AM!

It is within your passion that is your puzzle piece that connects with someone else’s puzzle piece. From one passion to another we lead and connect our world into one picture. This vision this one picture is all of us living in harmony, unifying us all within a peaceful planet. Where support, great health and an amazing quality of life can be had and we who are living today are at the dawn of this new age that sun is already rising. Rising within us first and then with our world, spreading sunlight on everyone and everything.

We often rely on what we see in our tangible world, let that go and shift your focus on what is going on within you. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions because this dawn of the new age starts with you. This dawn cannot rise unless you discover what is hidden within you! Once you are connected find that passion that erupts within you and take hold of it and create it. It will not always be easy and more than likely it will not turn out the way you thought it would look in your head but the idea here is to plant your seed now and watch it grow with time, patience, intention and action.

So whether you wish to seek guidance on how to maintain a stronger connection with yourself or to find your next step on your path, now is the time to take charge and make those connections. Start today so that all of our puzzle pieces come together, because we are ready for PEACE ON EARTH!

Love always…Tamara