Why Seek Guidance in Your Spiritual Awakening?


Spiritual Awakening is something that changes and shifts within you. You begin to explore a deeper understanding of who you are and the world around you. You begin to ask many questions and you begin to understand and feel the world in a whole new way.

So how is it helpful to connect with someone like me who can offer support? More times than not most of you who have awakened are uncertain on how to maintain the level of openness that comes with Spiritual Awakenings while others seek their next step on what they are meant to do on this earth. Either way Spiritual Awakenings are an ongoing never ending process with so many twists, turns and lessons.

By offering support this allows the person who is experiencing an awakening that they are not alone, that someone understands what it is they are going through. When I work with the angels they offer beautiful visuals on projects that many of you are meant to be working on. I must share that the visions that I see for so many are exciting as they will transform our world. There are so many healers, leaders, pioneers in the mix today that I am overwhelmed with how much support there is being set up within us all that I know with all my heart that Peace will be able to penetrate and reign within our world.

That is why we are all here especially those who are seeking guidance within their spiritual awakening you must find your passion and allow it to explode with love into our world. Yes if it feels like I am talking directly to you it is because I AM!

It is within your passion that is your puzzle piece that connects with someone else’s puzzle piece. From one passion to another we lead and connect our world into one picture. This vision this one picture is all of us living in harmony, unifying us all within a peaceful planet. Where support, great health and an amazing quality of life can be had and we who are living today are at the dawn of this new age that sun is already rising. Rising within us first and then with our world, spreading sunlight on everyone and everything.

We often rely on what we see in our tangible world, let that go and shift your focus on what is going on within you. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions because this dawn of the new age starts with you. This dawn cannot rise unless you discover what is hidden within you! Once you are connected find that passion that erupts within you and take hold of it and create it. It will not always be easy and more than likely it will not turn out the way you thought it would look in your head but the idea here is to plant your seed now and watch it grow with time, patience, intention and action.

So whether you wish to seek guidance on how to maintain a stronger connection with yourself or to find your next step on your path, now is the time to take charge and make those connections. Start today so that all of our puzzle pieces come together, because we are ready for PEACE ON EARTH!

Love always…Tamara


5 thoughts on “Why Seek Guidance in Your Spiritual Awakening?

  1. Sharon says:

    Dearest Tamara:
    You make such a valid point about looking within first because that’s where the “GOD spark” lives in all of us. From that place of clarity and self love one can then look outside for the few unknown elements that you need to come to your own spiritual center. A peaceful world happens when each soul is brave enough to choose it and offer it to another. Happy Holidays everyone.

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